Kudos to friends Helder Romão and Filipe Graça for being shortlisted in the Young Gun Awards.

Their 3 entries for PETA are the only portuguese works being selected, so I’m crossing fingers for their win !

PETA - Lucky One

“Guess who`s the lucky one”

PETA - Egg

“Due the fast-growing drugs chickens take now half of the time to grow.”

PETA - Mouth

“Anytime is good to warn you that 98% of fried chickens contains faeces.”

Young @ Heart

If someone told you about a Chorus called Young at Heart, you would have thought of some 18 year old group of kids that gather around the weekend. And if i told you they performed some contemporary themes from the Beatles to Peter Gabriel you’d probably be even more sure.

But what if you surfed to their website? Then you’d better guess again !

Young @ Heart

Young @ Heart Chorus has in their lines people with ages ranging from 72 to 93, with shows all over the USA, with great reviews and feature articles in The Guardian and Time magazine.

Senior citizens are no longer the bystanders in modern society, and are now taking an important role in society and shaping cultural trends.

Marketing for the future generation

With the aging populations in Europe and America, marketing should be prepared for the growing market segment with an increasing purchasing power and influence in buying behaviors.

IPew Internet & American Life Project - Seniors and the Internet

© The Pew Internet & American Life Project The demographic trends are clear and the usual marketing focus on the 18-24 age group might be under scrutiny. According to SeniorNet, almost half of the seniors 50 and older used the Internet for 5 years or more, with a great part being over 65. In another study it’s shown that while many seniors today don’t go online that often, that is about to change as the “baby-boomers” generation reaches the age of 65 and older. (link to SeniorNet report, PDF 184Kb) (link to Pew Internet Report, PDF 21Kb)

Most of the senior citizens found on the internet a way to reeducate themselves and keep in touch with friends and family. They probably also spent a great effort and/or money in learning how to use information technology. Now that they’re acquainted with new medium, “wired seniors” have a lot of time available to be online and are active purchasers, so it makes all the sense to consider this target in any online marketing mix.

With a special interest in this target is the Health sector, with the challenge of getting their message right in the online channel and at the same time trying not being mistaken with spam. From prescriptions to diseases or even in the fitness sector, online marketing is getting more important in comparison with the traditional below-the-line marketing employed to senior citizens.

Yahoo Health


Implications for online advertising

“Wired seniors” use the internet mainly for email, so consider an approach through newsletters subscriptions and email alerts, with clear concerns on privacy, as these citizens seem much more aware of the importance of online security and are more suspicious when providing personal data.

Another implication on online advertising is the concern for accessibility, with great efforts to increase readibility, color blindness and support for aural devices. Much of today’s Web 2.0 design trends seems to have that already in mind, implementing valid XHTML markup that is a first step to conform to 508 accessibility guidelines.

It’s clear that many of online users feel they’re not being targeted, with online advertising clearly shaped to 14-17 year-old segment. Innovation doesn’t have to relate only to young people and if companies offer solutions and products to older users, they could create a competitive advantage as online population gets older.

This next 29 and 30 November will take place in Lisbon the 7th International Conference on Refugees. The film is from DraftFCB Lisbon.

Creative Direction: Duarte Pinheiro Melo, Luis Silva Dias Art Director: William Silva Copywriter: Aline Arantes Production: Show Off Director: João Moura Sound Production: Som de Lisboa Video Production: CEE Production Company: A-Ver-O-Mar

Below is the print campaign (only in portuguese).

Refugees 3 Refugees 2

Refugees 1

A common feature in a self promotion or portfolio website is the use of great music. Whether as a soundtrack in a film reel or a background loop throughout the whole site, using music sets the mood for how the user interprets your work.



The works above used music in interactive narrative in different ways, guiding users but also involving them in a multimedia experience that goes beyond the visual. Usually are chosen simple instrumental soundtracks or background loops with clear cuts and transitions, with special attention with the drum sections that define the general rhythm of the website.

Acrobat Experience

The recent rise of Flash Video also gave birth to a new technique, with it’s roots in e-learning and presentations, that is the use of a narrator or animated character (in case you’re not that photogenic), blended with the background as a alpha channel.


Already employed by large corporations, the technique allows a more close connection with the user, with a first person speech and taking advantage of the way our cognitive process works and reacts to visual stimulus.

Acrobat Experience

Finally, one of the most important ingredients of a great portfolio is the navigation or the “interactive toys” you let your user play with. These is the kind of experience that is really memorable since it breaks the usual point-and-click experience and replaces it with a immersing multimedia travel.

Interactive narrative is like a romantic diner: you clean and organize your place (information architecture), prepare the main dish (your content) and a nice desert (the navigation or toys). Then, with the right music setting the mood you might just get lucky. With the user, of course.


link: http://www.theronin.co.uk/blog/

Uau. He still has time to blog !

If you dont’t know who is Rob Chiu is, check some of the work at TheRonin. I’ve seen him this year at Barcelona where he presented “Black Day to Freedom” and other works and he still is one of my main inspirations in motion design.

Color schemes seem to be a hot topic these days. Just after I’ve read Digital Web magazine article about color, Adobe launched Kuler, a tool that allows you to create and share color schemes.


These online tools are great but you get best results if you learn a bit about color theory. The role of light, primary and secondary colors, analog and complimentary or the works of Munsell or Kandinsky is a knowledge that always comes in handy no matter how good taste you have in designing your own color schemes. While theory is great, nature still is the richest source of inspiration when you have to come up with something new. The psychological and anthropological connections of color, the tones and contrast that flowers use to attract the insects or the way the animals change their skins to repel predators are great examples of the importance of color in nature.

These relations can be brought to the web in many ways, for instance:

  • Use yellow and green tones if your website has something to do with travel or agriculture.
  • Choose colors that are clearly identified with the product such as brown chocolate, plum or olive.
  • Red has a cognitive perception of danger and warning. You can use it when you need to have immediate attention by the user.
  • Light yellow and blue in a horizontal layout can create a calm and peaceful design, reminding us of the beach, the sea and the horizon.

Another great choice you have to pick your color schemes from are the works of great painters, particularly those who excel in the use of color such as Kandinsky or Picasso.

Colorfoul Ensemble

[Colorful Ensemble by Wassily Kandinsky]

Find how color was employed by these artists or just use your Photoshop picker in some of the paintings and build your next Mona Lisa color scheme. If the natural way is still not enough you have a lot of resources on the web:



Other Resources:

If you have some other great resources you want to share, feel free to post a comment.

Update: Veerle has an awesome article on the same subject

One of my regular blogs to visit is “Toma e Embrulha”, that can be roughly translated as “wrap-it up”. Created by Bruno Luís, the blog is a selection of posts and examples for those working or interested in advertising.

On the sidebar you can find the latest commercials, with links to all the new stuff. You’d probably find out some unusual posts if you browse for a while in the archives or try your luck using the tags. Toma E Embrulha Bruno’s main focus are the new media campaigns, guerrilla marketing and viral marketing, with the most popular posts being:

http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/06/12/vale-o-que-vale/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/06/28/slim-mais-slim-nao-ha/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/10/05/relacao-amorodio/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/10/16/pt-e-partners/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/09/17/chapa-3/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/07/01/golf-r32-the-miniaturizer/ http://tomaeembrulha.blogsome.com/2006/05/09/ingenious-billboard/

Ah, of course, as all my posts made under the title Shameless PromoTion, Bruno is from Portugal.

João Planche is a web designer currently working at Spirituc, that I’ve met in my early Flash days (when i used to do a lot of Actionscript). While i knew some of his work and the collaborations he was involved, he never seemed to had the time to put up a decent online presence.

Finally, with some coding help by Nuno Ribeiro, prideparanoia.com is live!

Pride Paranoia (screen 1)

The site starts with a random background, with indexed color in gray tones, but the obvious section to look at is “Works”. A interesting navigation interface, similar to a fish-eye view, presents the commercial and personal projects he has been involved.

Pride Paranoia (screen 2)

The gray tones feel a bit strange at first, but  on the other hand it’s easier on the eyes. An interesting addition would be a next/previous button to easily jump within the portfolio.

Anyway, congratulations João for the new website. http://www.prideparanoia.com/

After all the the hype with the “One” version from Bank Of America’s manager …

(Original post on Stereogum)

… the music scene is just starting to have fun with it. In a Modest Mouse show, Johnny Marr and David Cross did their own version of the dupped “One” song.

(Original post on Stereogum)

And, of course the copyright sharks are already sniffing.

Andy Clarke, aka “And all that Malarkey”, from StuffAndNonsense, has just published one of the books every web designer should ask for Christmas: “Transcending CSS: the fine art of web design“.

transcending css The book is focused more on the creative process rather than the technology itself, as many of the publications in the field seem to do. The extensive knowledge of the author (who is an invited expert of W3C), known for it’s useful articles on web design will surely be a good starting point to creatives starting to explore the fields of web design.

page sample

When i have my copy available (since it’s only on pre-order), i’ll post the full review here. Meanwhile, you can check the companion website.

Update: just found out Malarkey’s Flickr photostream, so you can do a sneak preview of some of the pages.