Nice promo of the Oscars from ABC.

With classic lines such as:

  • “Good evening, Clarice”
  • “Are you talking to me ?”
  • “Show me the money”
  • “Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me aren’t you?”

Update: Just found out that the commercial was directed by Spike Lee and ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Incidentally, here’s the poster for the 79th Academy Awards,mad also by TBWACD Chicago.

Oscar Poster

Copyright © A.M.P.A.S


A new email message from a friend. You open the website that looks like a regular blog and you open the video.

I want to see a ghost (screen 1)

Have your audio on and wait until strange things starts to happen. You’ll be afraid, very afraid. Believe me.

And if you have the chance to send to your friends your own message it gets even scarier.

I want to see a ghost (screen 2)

* P.S.: It’s “only” the best online marketing campaign i’ve seen this year, promoting the release of the horror movie “Pulse”.

Leo from Ryan Morrison & MacMillan is trying to figure out the trends for 2007 in digital marketing.

Here’s a few of my humble predictions:

1) Re-mediation: in the beginning of the decade the web tried to emulate the habits of old media. Nowadays, it’s TV (and old media) that will embrace the new forms of expression of digital media. Don’t be amazed if some of these days you’ll see the newsticker with RSS feeds or a radio station broadcasting live podcasts.

2) Evolution of Channels: different targets (youngsters, senior) are approaching channels in distinct ways, and brands should be playing close attention to them (e.g. Mobile Marketing and Instant Messaging). We’ll see companies trying to figure out how they work and how to communicate effectively, while remaining non-intrusive.

3) Social profiling privacy – increasing concerns on where the data from social networks goes, how secure are the websites (XSS attacks, cross scripting) and users demanding more choices in the way they decide to share their data

4) Rating authenticity – tools and directories of authenticity of blogs and online media will help the filtering of information overload. The same way stars and rankings helped users filter the products they will now appear to filter the relevant media sources (in light of recent PR scandals such as WalMart and PlayStation)

There’s a lot more i could say, but these ones popped out immediately so i figured they would be the most relevant.

Neon Bible cover

Fueled by the leaked singles and some of the recent concerts of AF, i’ve pre-ordered the Deluxe CD of Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible.

According tho the forums, the tracklist goes like this:

  1. Black Mirror
  2. Keep The Car Running
  3. Neon Bible
  4. Intervention
  5. Black Wave Bad Vibrations
  6. Ocean of Noise
  7. The Well & The Lighthouse
  8. Antichrist Television Blues
  9. Windowsill
  10. No Cars Go
  11. My Body Is A Cage

The Neon Bible site has also some updates, with a spinning phenakisticope – hope i wrote that right – and a screaming evangelic brazilian girl. You can also listen to the new single “Black Mirror”.

Neon Bible website screen 1

Neon Bible website screen 2

Neon Bible website screen 3

There’s also a leak of a live private concert they did on St. Michael Church in Montreal.

Live at St. Michael Church

Remember Jeff Han, the guy in TED 2006 conference with the amazing touch screen? Well, he’s back with another great demo.

Maybe that’s where Steve Jobs got the tip for the iPhone touch screen gestures.

Source: Fast Company

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

Suffice is to say that when motion design has superb music, you gotta love it.


This clip for Fox TV Action Sports Awards, was created by Shilo and the soundtrack is from one of my favorite bands,Yeah Yeah Yeahs and it’s single “Y-Control”.

Source: MotionGrapher

In one more episode of shameless promotion i’m featuring the work of Carlos Quitério, a portuguese artist that just launched (translated as tape glue), a site/blog with collages from him and his wife Graça.

His personal website is with great drawings, illustrations and other mixed media.

Being itself a former student from ESTGAD University, at Caldas da Rainha, he does regular collaborations with other portuguese artists (such as Adriana de Barros or MusaCollective), altough his work has a worlwide reach.

Never thought I’ll ever see this, but it seems HTML got a life of its own.

html movement

“The html-movement-library is a web-based repository of short video clips and images by various performers who use html tags, as a starting point for generating movements. The idea of the library is to develop an expandable movement alphabet of the html language. The goal of the html-movement-library is to provide different materials for enacting and visualizing the architectures and language-structures of Websites …”

Source: Rhizome

Forget the film - watch the titles Link to Forget the film, watch the titles

As my friend Claudio just said,

“sometimes a title sequence is able to capture the essence of whole film, and is in itself a short movie”.

This great resource features the work of great animators and motion designers. Maybe if the big studios weren’t so righteous about their copyrights we could watch the works of historics such as Kyle Cooper or Saul Bass.

Source: Motiongrapher