Multi-touch driven computer screen

Multi-touch driven computer screen

Remember Jeff Han, the guy in TED 2006 conference with the amazing touch screen? Well, he’s back with another great demo.

Maybe that’s where Steve Jobs got the tip for the iPhone touch screen gestures.

Source: Fast Company

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation

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  1. says:

    Nova demo de ecr multi-toque de ltima gerao…

    Jeff Han, que apresentou na conferncia TED 2006 um demonstrao do seu interface inovador atravs de touch-screen, tem um novo vdeo da aplicao desta tecnologia….

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  7. Abazza says:

    This is opening the biggest inspiration for the next generation of architects.

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  9. forum says:

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  10. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  11. mark martin says:

    wow this is amazing i mean if this could be true this would be the coolest thing to have. i would have to own one lol