Nokia and The Passenger

Nokia and The Passenger

“This can be a tricky one…” says the secret agent on the site’s intro. A few seconds later, a sexy lady goes “You don’t need to look, you just need to drive”. Suddenly, you find yourself in the street of Paris, driving like a mad to reach the checkpoints with the precious help of the CK 20w car system from Nokia.

Nokia - The Passenger

What a ride. Fantastic interactive experience, a game narrative in the pursuit of a challenge and the certainty that you’ll not forget the new product from Nokia (besides the GPS features it allows you to change your car tunes, handsfree).

Nokia - The Passenger (02)

This Nokia experience through the street of Paris, has also a great soundtrack and sound fx, so if you have a broadband connection then you are set for a ride in Paris. Speed up to the site, “or we’ll never make in time”.

6 thoughts on Nokia and The Passenger

  1. Sam Ashken says:

    Creative concept developed jointly by Hyper Happen and Fuel Games. Film Production was indeed by Karbon Arc :)

  2. hakoblog says:


    ?????????????????? ?????????????????????……

  3. Martin Hazard says:

    This is just C’etait un Rendezvous by Claude Lelouch (done nastily)

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  6. Nunu says:

    where can i Play This game ?? Nokia: The Passenger ?? i was in but this is a wrong site !!! please write me a E-mail on : please write just the Homepage thanks !!