Nike Skateboarding

After moaning about Nike not providing a way to embed the videos in one of my latests posts, i see they’re doing it right at the recently launched online campaign “Nothing But The Truth“, for their Skateboard line (Nike SB). With a MySpace profile, and lots of clips (with Flash permalinks) that could have been part of Reservoir Dogs, the campaign is on the right track for this Fall full movie premiere.

P.S. then again, maybe not, as the video isn’t streaming in Firefox !!! Is somebody listening at NIKE ?!?!?!?!? Maybe is time to take the jobs from the interactive interns and forward it to the senior guys until it’s done right !

Update (12.09.07): they got the embed streaming, but now it’s autostarting by default. That does it, i’m removing the video.

Friday time waster with a erotic-geek tone.

Moan My IP

* WARNING: audio not safe for work !!!

Sanchez Tour

Many of you might remember the Nike advert with Ronaldinho, where he repeatdly shoot balls at the bar. Well, Nike is hitting again, this time with the Sanchez boyz and their search fo “the most deadly accurate player in the universe”. Go ahead and check their target practice with Wayne Rooney.

At, you can follow the Sanchez tour with other players, and they even gave a quick jump to Portugal, altough I was expecing to see Cristiano Ronaldo and not Thorsten Frings !!!! Some serious geographical confusion at Nike headquarters (or at Wieden+Kennedy), specially when their current signature “Joga Bonito” in portuguese.

Of course, they didn’t forget the CGM side of things, and provided a downloadable target so you could practice and then upload your video to “The Shooting Gallery”, where videos can be ranked.

Shooting Gallery

Too bad a embed code or permalink wasn’t provided so videos (and the campaign) could be easily promoted by fans. I really don’t understand why this is forgotten again and again with CGM contests, being actually easy to implement. Specially when there are really fun videos at the gallery, with some of them almost so unbelievable as the one from Ronaldinho.

Big news. As in “High Definition” news. Tinic Uro was giving some hints were the Flash Player might be heading, but the next Flash Player public release is really something. Let’s see:

  • Partial MPEG-4, 3GP and QuickTime movie support
  • Support for iTunes ID3 tags
  • H.264 decoding
  • AAC decoding

Now we can load mp4 or 3gp files the same way FLV files are loaded. You can start to mashup some serious mobile+video+audio+data appplications. If MySpace and YouTube push this upgrade forward then we’ll have found a de-facto cross platform media player and start forgetting that ajaxy things

Flash still rules whan it comes to rich internet applications (heck, macromedia coined the term RIA). If you want to get a bit more technical, read this.

Empire State

I’m in New York for the next 3 weeks, working at the DRAFTFCB NY office. For those few 1.68% new yorkers that visit my site, maybe we can get in touch and share some “inspirations”. For regular readers, i’m not sure how often i will be posting, but you should expect some NY related stuff.

Last weekend my sister invited me to be part of an informal panel at Fatima, a portuguese catholic Sanctuary, on a short talk about the way someone from advertising looks at images and, to a further extent, to reality.

An image is worth a thousand words

Most of the times, this is quite true. Images are easily recognizable and a lot more easy to understand than words. Pick any blog, and even if the writing is good, we all know that rich imagery is more effective in creating interest and sharing knowledge. In advertising, images are used to a larger extent, increasing the frequency of visual messages so consumers could easily recall what a brand is trying to communicate.

Lego - Periscope


But not all images are equally important or relevant. For instance, they shouldn’t be too complex, as this would made them harder to understand. This is particularly crucial when designing something, as we should strive to explain a concept or message in the simplest way we can. The design principle of “form follows function” is one of the main advocates of simplicity, focusing on the purity of function and the real usefulness of objects, instead of the decoration of the form. In a more spiritual sense, we all find beauty in the simple things of life, as they are shown to us with not too much information to interpret, just “being”.


When we design something, if we add some irrelevant information, we’re hurting the message quality and it will become less useful. On a practical scenario, when a sales person is pitching their Powerpoint quoting word-by-word what’s on the slide, they should be aware that their clients are seconds away from getting another cup of cofee.

Rules of thumb

Sometimes it’s easier to communicate visually, if we have some shortcuts available. Art, design and visual imagery in general, all share interesting patterns that we all can use to help people understand messages:

  • Archetypes:

    Rebirth - Playstation These common traits are shared between most cultures, and found in myths such as death and rebirth, or the heroes stories (from Gigalmesh to Superman). Advertising often uses brand-ambassadors as a representation of heroes or highlights the healing features of cosmetics as a reminiscence of rebirth.

  • Mathematical patterns Rule Of thirds The Fibonacci series, the golden section or the rule of thirds have been successfully used in art, so you should try it sometimes and see if it helps to better explain your message.
  • Face-ism Humans tend to prefer faces that are more average, more healthy and have rounder shapes. No wonder kids are a regular presence in ads.

Emotion carrier

Usually advertising has a more materialistic take on visual imagery, using them to represent the brand or company values, announcing that a product is fresh or a service is secure. But sometimes, through their simplicity or using established patterns, visual messages have the power to awaken feelings, and cause a solid emotional reaction.


These are the times when images have the power to open up our hearts.

Case study: . The campaign is now over, but you can check a short case study:

Update 2: Now it’s official: the interactive mobile experience is live, and the webpage is getting more than 1000 pageviews per hour! . Get a call from coach Paulo Bento at

Update: Server is down due to massive access. The campaign is set to release only tomorrow, so i’ll later post the new address.

After my latest post on Freddy Adu, it’s more than fair a post on another team, this time being Sporting Clube de Portugal, and the way sports clubs are increasingly using new media.

The club sells their Gamebox pack with season tickets, with sales having a steady growth each year. For the 07/08 season, Sporting focused on the Internet and mobile marketing instead of TV to achieve a more widespread interest with a better ROI.

Sporting 07/08

The season is about to start and mister Paulo Bento is worried. The season’s success is up to you. Insert your data and fix this problem now !

Through a interactive video, users can place their name and phone number to receive a call by coach Paulo Bento, with distinct scenarios according to the call feedback. With cellphones reaching a market penetration over 117% in Portugal, the viral effort is aiming to get 40000 subscriptions and appeal to a younger audience through a different media channel.

If you ever wanted to be drafted by Sporting, then give it at try at

Client: Sporting CP Product: Gamebox 07Â’08 Production: Garage Director: Ernesto Bacalhau Agency: DraftFCB Creative Director: Duarte Pinheiro de Melo Copywriter: Marcos Drummond Art Director: Bruno Mota Account director: Andrea Valenti Technology: eStara

Disclaimer: Sporting CP is currently DraftFCB client, the company i work at.

As i was reading a Guardian article on brain stimulation, the side banner revealed a astonishing truth: some brains may not be accepted.

Contextual Ads

Is this another thin end of the wedge ?

Some Friday fun.

Steve Ballmer doing it the iTunes way.

One of the main reasons that turned zune into a failure had to do with it’s lack of trendiness (besides the ads), no cool factor. With Microsoft having such a low esteem amongst creatives, no wonder zune had such lower cultural acceptance. Even with Ballmer dancing and throwing chairs.

Back to another Shameless PromoTion feature, highlighting the portuguese designer David Carvalho.

David has just relaunched his portfolio at, replacing the previous with some new work, now under the roof of Spirituc. Having started Pkage Design, he also funded other online portuguese projects such as Camouflage (offline) or RuaDeBaixo.

Pkage Theme Pkage site theme

A prolific artist, he’s part of Musa Collective and featured in projects like: Rojo Magazine, Dif Magazine, Orgasmik Design, Musabook, WIWP, NLF Magazine, Passvite, My Brand, Magnolia, Blank Magazine, Le Cool Magazine, Search Megazine, 1976 DVD, Digit Magazine, Victionary Books, Dezperados, Pink boy, Karacter Models, Puma, Bloop & Loop Recordings.

At you can also find the various exhibitions were David was involved and a news section with some personal rants.

A tip to David: how about a RSS feed, so we can pull the good stuff?