Case study: . The campaign is now over, but you can check a short case study:

Update 2: Now it’s official: the interactive mobile experience is live, and the webpage is getting more than 1000 pageviews per hour! . Get a call from coach Paulo Bento at

Update: Server is down due to massive access. The campaign is set to release only tomorrow, so i’ll later post the new address.

After my latest post on Freddy Adu, it’s more than fair a post on another team, this time being Sporting Clube de Portugal, and the way sports clubs are increasingly using new media.

The club sells their Gamebox pack with season tickets, with sales having a steady growth each year. For the 07/08 season, Sporting focused on the Internet and mobile marketing instead of TV to achieve a more widespread interest with a better ROI.

Sporting 07/08

The season is about to start and mister Paulo Bento is worried. The season’s success is up to you. Insert your data and fix this problem now !

Through a interactive video, users can place their name and phone number to receive a call by coach Paulo Bento, with distinct scenarios according to the call feedback. With cellphones reaching a market penetration over 117% in Portugal, the viral effort is aiming to get 40000 subscriptions and appeal to a younger audience through a different media channel.

If you ever wanted to be drafted by Sporting, then give it at try at

Client: Sporting CP
Product: Gamebox 07’08
Production: Garage
Director: Ernesto Bacalhau
Agency: DraftFCB
Creative Director: Duarte Pinheiro de Melo
Copywriter: Marcos Drummond
Art Director: Bruno Mota
Account director: Andrea Valenti
Technology: eStara

Disclaimer: Sporting CP is currently DraftFCB client, the company i work at.