A couple of essential readings, you should buy into:

  • Dale Dougherty, Web 2.0 and Advertising: Do We See Eye to Eye?

    An essential post with the questions that advertisers and web 2.0 companies are having regarding each other.

    questions of both technology and media companies to find out what advertisers mean by relevance. She says she’d like to see advertising for new cars, even though she doesn’t own a car and doesn’t drive. She’s not in the market for a car but she’s interested in learning more about new cars through their advertising. How would an advertiser know about that preference, and would they care to know?

    If sites or services become too commercialized, or as users catch on that the content is really a commercial in disguise, then they can choose to go elsewhere. They can shift their attention to a new site. I hope the threat of user migration is enough to keep Web 2.0 sites honest, and counteract the aggressive tendencies of advertisers.

  • Hugh McLeod, author of Gaping Void, revisits its Global Microbrand.

    and posts more brilliant cartoons:

    Faceboook Source: Gaping Void

  • Customer 2.0 straight from Microsoft’s IT EA Team

    It is not just about aligning to the business… it is about aligning with the business to the same end goal: the customer.

  • Fast Company explains why Did the Web Help Kanye Outsell 50 Cent?

    The media blitz sparked by 50 Cent’s threat to retire only illustrates the growing advantage that the Internet, once seen as a threat, now offers to the recording industry. “There’s been a change in the past couple of years. New media was the underdeveloped stepchild. Now it’s first on the marketing plan”

  • Is the ad network dead?

    , or how networks are expanding, not retracting.

    For all the planners and buyers who struggled to understand the difference between ad networks over the past couple of years, the change will mean the end of sameness. For all the web publishers who strung networks together in order to extract a living, it will mean the end of anonymity. We are having something of a renaissance online and the harbinger of change is the network.

  • What marketers think

    Marketing Trends Source: emarketer

  • Word of Mouth is big.

    Total WoM marketing expenditures are projected to climb at a compound annual rate of 30.4% in the 2006-2011 period to $3.70 billion as brand marketers take advantage of dedicated WoM marketing strategies for improved return on investment (ROI),

The big trend here seems to be the need for a closer relationship to customers, allowing them to narrow their profiles, choosing the way that brands reach them, and through new channels that favor conversations. Seems simple, right ? Some people even call it marketing.

Now the circle is complete: http://www.offf.ws/.

OFFF Lisbon 2008

It’s a no-brainer to have their next edition at Lisbon, with so many Portuguese new media designers traveling to Barcelona since OFFF’s 1st edition, an obvious choice after Mexico and New York.

OFFF is the Post-Digital Creation Culture Festival, “exploring software aesthetics and new languages for interactive and visual expression” since 2001.

Past participants in OFFF include legends of graphic design and visual communication like Neville BrodyTomato, Kyle Cooper  or Stefan Sagmeister; acknowledged software artistssuch as Jared Tarbell, Lia, Casey Reas y Ben Fry, or Daniel Brown; innovators of the moving image like We work for Them, Tronic Studio, D-Fuse or Renascent; explorers of advanced interaction like Soda, James Paterson, Amit Pitaru or Craig Swann; and the most important names that have defined the aesthetics of the experimental and creative side of the Web: Joshua Davis, Yugo Nakamura, Hi-Res!, Josh Ulm, or Erik Natzke. The festival has also a special spot for the main names in the Spanish scene (Area3, Vasava, Innothna, Cocoe, Dani Granatta, La Mosca…) and for creators of surprising new kinds of sonic landscapes: Tujiko Noriko, The Vegetable Orchestra, Sutekh, Taylor Deupree, System, Daedelus, Stephan Mathieu, Kenneth Kirschner

A tip to organizers: how about changing the url to http://www.offf.ws/lx So this year, instead of going to Barcelona, i’m staying home.

Update – PRESS RELEASE (November 26th 2007) (Courtesy of Rui Vieira , roughly translated by me)


OFFF Lisbon 2008 logo

Because the geography of post-digital art is based on continuous motion.

Because frontiers are just lines on a map.

Because OFFF is not about where. It is about when, what, who and how.

Because OFFF is a dynamic event.

Because the time is right for a change

And change means evolution

Because all of that, OFFF MOVES TO LISBON!

OFFF’08 8, 9, 10 May 2008 LISBON, PORTUGAL


See you there !

OFFF is a a groundbreaking festival, exploring the latest trends in the disciplines of digital aesthetics and programming. OFFF features artists that defined new paths and design patterns on new media, an essential celebration in the world of digital creation. A one of the kind event.

Since 2001, OFFF festival took place in Barcelona – Spain, at the Centre da Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, becoming the globally recognized and trend setting event that it is today. The three day festival features digital artists, web designers, graphic designers, motion graphics designers, researchers, directors, advertising creatives, and top “new music adventurous”.

Past participants include Joshua Davis, Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, Hillman Curtis, Erik Natzke, Takagi Masakatsu, James Victore, Rob Chiu, Kyle Cooper, Paula Scher, We Work For Them, amongst others.

OFFF also took place in New York this year.

It’s the first time that Portugal has such a big event, and surely it will be a turning point in Portuguese digital creativity.

OFFF LISBON 2008 is organized by Inofffensive (Barcelona) in partnership with 50DONE (Lisbon).


About OFFF video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9t5NuRYGK0

OFFF Websites http://www.offf.ws/ http://www.offf.ws/bcn/ http://www.offf.ws/nyc/


Mixx logo

This month i became a fan of two great brands: Miro and Mixx. Miro is the free, open source internet tv player, formerly known as Democracy Player, and hell yeah, way better than Joost.


What’s most remarkable is that my average daily tv consumption dropped from 1 hour a day to practically nothing after having installed Miro. Now i’m addicted to internet tv channels such as Ze Frank show, Wired Science, Ted Talks or UbuWeb, besides my YouTube subscriptions. If you already use Miro, let me know of you favorite channels.

With features like instant video search for major online video websites, lots of HD channels, access to independent media and support for BitTorrent, Miro has become the iTunes of video.


Mixx is Digg done right. With a beautiful web design, the whole service just feels nice. You have your own mixx, with selected tags appearing upfront, and best of all, a twitter-like feature so we can follow other users. When you bookmark, you can set to multiple tags (unlike digg) and define a location. This way, anyone an subscribe to either topic or location, a great way to get niche updates.

The unique selling proposition for Mixx is the opportunity to filter those digg spammers and subscribe only to users or topics that actually deliver great content.

You can follow me at http://www.mixx.com/users/armandoalves.

It’s kind of peculiar to notice that these two brands make extensive use of the colors red and orange. Perhaps the next magenta and cyan for the web have just been found.

The web has just lost one of his most inspiring members: Pixelsurgeon. The webzine and design publication, that was there for me in the beginning of my web days, has just closed after 7 years of fresh design content.


To editors, authors and collaborators, my sincere admiration and respect, with the best of luck to future projects. Let’s hope that DesignIsKinky and Kaliber10000 manage to stay afloat, or else i’ll feel like i’m getting really old.

Yesterday i was at the 2007 edition of the main online advertising awards ceremony in Portugal, Premios Sapo, presented by an inspired Manuel João Vieira at the legendary Cabaret Maxim.

Sapo Online Advertising Awards

For a change, web agency Fullsix had some serious competition, perhaps a sign that the online industry is picking up speed, with promising growth rates next year.

Among the entries — let me know if you don’t understand Portuguese, and i’ll try to explain them — the 2007 winners are:

Among the remaining categories, there was a laughable one for “Best sponsored blog”, with entries that Portuguese blogosphere has never heard of. Or as i use to say: “Brands looking at their own bellies”. The best digital agency award was given to WayNext, that created some solid works this year.

The space was really crowded, but with the lovely company of Silvia and free drinks i’ve even managed to stay until the end. As usual we didn’t submit any work (a company policy regarding national awards), but i’m sure if the Sporting campaign was submitted it would be a clear winner.

Oh, and i finally had the chance to congratulate Celso for their event, SapoCodebits. That’s something definitely more interesting than these Awards.

Update: On the web awards subject, Zeldman has just nailed it:

The winning sites look fabulous as screen shots in glossy design annuals. When the winners become judges, they reward work like their own. Thus sites that behave like TV and look good between covers continue to be created, and a generation of clients and art directors thinks that stuff is the cream of web design.


Last week i was amused with a drinking challenge, with one shot for each time that “2.0” was spoken. While the other challengers were all geeks, i suddenly realized that we have to let go of this naming. And web designers are also starting to get fed up, as pointed out by Elliot Jay.

Presentation at FOWD

Sure we have a problem, but is anyone trying to figure out a solution ? My 2 cents would be to to look at the edges to find new paths to creativity. Art, interactive installations, local events or underground culture seem to be the most promising exit strategy to this 2.0 thing.

With everyone doing and looking the same, the web is starting to look kind of dull. And before you start rumbling, i know this site’s design is all about the 2.0 trend, but i’ve been working on a new template, avoiding rounded corners or gradients.

Big thanks to Ricardo from ptFolio, pointing me out to the Brazilian Interactive winners at El Ojo, announced yesterday.

Among other winners, here are my personal favorites:

  • “Driving”, by AlmapBBDO for Volkswagen Brasil

    Golf SuperstitialA wonderful superstitial powered by Papervision

  • “Test life”, by McCann Erickson for GM

    Test Life Advergaming

  • “Atchim Games”, by Giovanni DraftFCB Brasil for Bristol-Myers Pharmaceuticals

    Atchim Games Advergaming

  • “Dengue Fever”, by Escala Brasil for Secretaria Da Saude do Rio Grande do Sul.

    Dengue Fever Viral (remember the Daniela Cicarelli video?)

  • “Montana”, for Chevrolet by Salles Chemistri

    Chevrolet MontanaExpandable rich media

Almap takes their big share of awards, and even they don’t win them all, you can check the whole list of their interactive work.

It’s always special when we write about someone whose work we deeply admire, and more important, a true friend. I’ve promised that i would feature his work when he posted some new videos, and now it’s the time. Sorry for those who don’t understand a word of Portuguese spoken on the video below, but this one is really special.

Claudio Jordão is a talented CG Artist and Motion Designer from Algarve, Portugal that worked with me for the past 3 years and has now opened his own studio Kotolab, together with Nelson Martins. One of the main reasons to go solo was his new animation project “Conto do Vento” (Tale By The Wind).

Conto do Vento The whole story builds upon the concept of setting the wind as narrator, an idea that has been evolving since February. The companion blog (in Portuguese), documents the whole creative process, with concept boards, script descriptions, illustrations and entertaining videos.

Conto do Vento

From what Claudio has told me, this promises to be his most solid short animation, keeping the high standards of his previous work “Esperansia”, that you can watch at his personal website claudiojordao.com.

I’m really curious to find out more about Conto do Vento, so keep those blog posts coming. And again, it’s an honor to have you as a friend.

Social network for two “Let’s join a social network built just for two Maybe you could invite me And i could invite you …”

Animation by Alissa Timon; Music by Ze Frank

At racheldiamondphotography.com you will not only find great photography, but also some fresh new work by old time interactive and design master Eric Jordan of 2advanced.

Eric Jordan for Rachel Diamond

Eric Jordan for Rachel Diamond
Eric Jordan for Rachel Diamond

What a great set of wallpapers these illustrations would give.