Twitter Color Wars

By in Inspiration on 2008/03/20

Twitter Color Wars

If you want to learn a thing or two about word-of-mouth, you’d better talk with Ze Frank. Despite ending his popular show, he knows how to stir things up, judging by how the Color Wars meme spread among the twitterati (did i just wrote that?) in less than a day.

Ze Frank twitter status

UPDATE(20/03/08): ZeFrank explains the whole thing on a blog post.
Keeping truthful to ZeFrank spirit, the thing doesn’t make any sense at all, and basically invites you to follow a Twitter user with an alias @colorteam, and change your avatar according to the selected color. At the moment, you can join the teams:

Update: Gary Vaynerchuck is all excited (as usual) about the whole thing, and shot a video explaining why he joined the @verygreenteam.

I’m not even bothering counting how many followers each team has.
Do i find this useless? Absolutely. But then again i do browse occasionally at

As i’m bit curious how big Twitter is in Portugal, I’d like to challenge the portuguese twitters to follow the @greennredteam

On other Twitter trivia, you can use Tweet Scan to your advanced search needs, a feature the application is in desperate need, just like FriendFeed did.

20 thoughts on “Twitter Color Wars

  1. 1

    I think there’s a more accurate way of monitoring the number of Twitter’s users in Portugal:

    By the way, someone should develop some sort of a reputation ranking for Twitter just like the Technorati authority ranking. Instead of blogs linking to your blog, it would be your Twitter account’s number of followers.

  2. Armando Alves

    The query uses the string “portugal”, something that can also be written in the bio.
    Between Google + Twitter People Search + TweetScan, we can take an ellaborate guess.
    But do spread the word amongst portuguese users, and we might just have a pretty good picture of active users.

  3. 3

    We are a Legit Team! Put us in the LIST!

  4. 4

    The off-white are the bane of solid colors!!

  5. 5

    In the coming Color Wars, there can be but one victor, and that victor shall be the Rainbow Team.

    In the post-Color Wars world, Green (and veryGreen) will indeed have their place of honorÂ… within the Greater Spectrum that is Rainbow Team.

    We are vast. We contain multihues. Resistance is futile. We have already assimilated you.


  6. 6


    It is


    NotEam, etc

    thanks for your support of the only non-team.

    Don’t get hurt in any games or wars. We’re the easiest team to be a part of.

  7. 7

    Canadians have our own team! Team Red and White!

  8. 8

    How could you have forgotten about ChartreuseTeam? We were one of the first!

  9. blackngoldTeam

    Hey Armando,
    Thanks for the nod to blackngoldTeam, but the link is worng. We are not tartan. We are blackngold!

  10. 10

    It is truly a strange phenomena that Ze Frank has started here (once again).

    As I said over at Gary’s page , I have a feeling this could escalate to interesting placesÂ…

    White contains all colors and is therefore superior to any ONE color. ALL WHO JOIN THE WHITE TEAM WIN IN THE END. 😀

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  12. 11

    Wrote a comic on the color wars

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  14. 12

    Don’t forget @sepiateam (“All other colors will fade!”)

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  17. 13

    TeemLeetGeeks reporting for Twitter wars we are legit and rdy for Battle..

  18. 14

    What about CMYK?

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