Keeping the geek spirit of the latest post, here’s another nerd themed entry, that will get me some low quality hits for using dirty words and references to naked people. How’s that for a post about a nerd ?


Ok, it’s not actually a nerd, but rather N.E.R.D. (standing for No One Ever Really Dies), headed by the small genius Pharrell Williams. He and his team release this June the 10th their new album “Seeing Sounds“, on what promises to be a summer hit. Have yourself some voyeuristic sexy footage for the advance track Everyone Nose … All The Girls Standing In Line For The Bathroom:

So, anyway, they’ve put up the really lascivious promo site Everyone Nose. Lots of booze, hot women and the advance track playing on the background . On a great partnership with a blog, they plugged in Last Night’s Party and rolled their own party gallery. Or so they thought, since with great fame comes great responsability and (probably) people asked to remove their pictures (altough i still managed to see quite a few).

Everyone Nose

I guess the Internet is a different party.

“the last shall be first and the geek shall inherit the earth

The above quote from one of the latest NYTimes editorials, reminds me of how digital natives have progressed. After the dot-com crash, we shifted the focus of the Internet from business to communities, and a new Millennial generation has arised.

Internet Attention Deficit Disorder has become a reality to the horde of nerds, geeks or MMORP fans, with the usual pundits horrified by the alienation of digital natives. The fact is that “we” (if you read this blog, i’m soooo calling you a geek) created a different kind of individuals: connected, multi-taskers, highly skeptical and with a new sense of democracy built on top of online communities.

Internet Celebs Image Credits: Geek And Poke

Geeks are no longer a weird tribe, but started to shape soiety with new behaviors. From education to environment, geek influence is undeniable. Take for example Nerdcore, a new musical genre but also a documentary about nerds, geeks, dorks and the way they interpret Hip Hop:

Not only geek-culture is becoming mainstream, but it also creates their own sub-cultures, with idiosyncrasies and references that spawn from Star Wars paraphernalia to Python riddles. The Internet has further amplified our cult of the ego, capitalized by social networks. On a neo-“Brand Named You” paradigm, one of the most searched keywords is our own name, so beautifully stated on the film “Google Me“.

Our identity is thus increasingly shaped by digital mediums, with many joining the geek horde. Today’s relationships are built over the keyboard, and when we finally meet the person IRL (In Real Life), she’s no longer a stranger as the emotional barriers have been demolished by a long series of emoticons.

Last Judgment Image Credits: Geek And Poke

A few years ago, someone told me i was spending too much time online, that i should get a real life. I promptly replied: “Online is also my real life. I have friends, a culture, a digital identity with many of the community bonds more truthful than in your-so-called-real life”. Thankfully i can now be proud of being a digital native. It’s not just the money pouring in the tech world, it’s also the sense that i became part of a community that allowed me the access new realms of information and cultures.

I’m proud of being a geek.

The Braille League (Belgium) helps blind and partially sighted people in professional, social and cultural areas, promoting also several actions to create awareness to the problems this group of individuals faces. On a brilliant and innovative use of the omnipresent cellphone, agency Duval Guillaume challenged a ordinary daily event: You know when you happen to make a call by accident to the first recorded contact on your cellphone address book?


So how about turn that into a good action, by placing The Braille League number on the first slot ? And so the award winning campaign “A Blind Call” was born:

  • Add “A blind call” as a contact on your cellphone (contact = A blind call ; number = 070 22 22 30)
  • If you accidentaly press your address book, that would be the first number
  • You no longer would bother Adrian, Alan or Armando – thanks, anyway! – but rather contribute to solve blind people’s problems.
  • The call ends after 30 seconds with a maximum toll of € 0,75 *.
  • The campaign is live until 31/12/2008

A Blind Call

Thousands of people made a blind call, and the much awarded campaign had a surprisingly large coverage in media. A great use of world’s largest platform for a good cause.

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My favorite Brazilian agency revamped their website with some (not) serious shit, on a fullscreen video where we’re all invited to teach and learn vocabulary. It’s like a speed course on swear words, that are collaboratively shared amongst the visitors. (entry) (works)

The thing gets really nasty, so get your camera ready and help Gringo to grow their vocabulary. If you understand Portuguese, they also have a blog, with some interesting behind-the-scenes stories. (blog)

They really get their audience, not being afraid to push the language, even on a semi-corporate website (they were probably expecting some nsfw uses of the video experience). And most important of all is their overall message: it’s ok to fail.

While finish my article about a “New Brand Of Creative” for the second edition of The Age Of Conversation book, i got to know an AdmCom initiative meant to encourage people to reinvent themselves every day and stimulate their creativity.

Yoc 2008


The print project has 366 illustrated business cards of creative professions, all of them addressed to the person who receives the box. Besides the creative box, you can browse to and customize your own business card or search for the ideal creative profession.

2008, year of creativity

There are some great cards to kick start 2008 as the year of creativity !

Olá ! (hello in Portuguese). We’re all set for the last day and it’s been great. Check this flickr set from Pedro Sousa to get a feeling.

Boolab Entering the afternoon with several directors from Boolab, a motion studio, and an almost oficial partner of Psyop.
Adobe misses their talk. Missing evangelizing opportunities like this one brings no good karma. Chris, of Crashmedia, Canada, is filling their shoes.
Shai by Agence7seven Oh great, porn ! The Shai project, with compliments by Agence7seven.
Onesize, Gmunk and Minivegas answer how creativity and technology shape motion graphics. Minivegas showed a impressive software to create generative station ID’s, based on live footage. And also, more penis.

Gmunk debunks motion-fx houses, claiming they don’t know shit about design. The discussion goes into the domain of pushing interactivity (live data, user input) into motion graphics.

Group 94 is now on stage with a behind-the-scenes of their web design work. They applied a panorama transition of Jeronimos Monastery to their Nokia project. Non Stop Living Awesome.
Devoid of yesterday premieres the event titles. Lots of fish. I’ll post it as soon as it’s available.

Sony Bravia advert

Fallon talking about the power of ideas.

Ideas are leaps of imagination … with commercial consequences. Of course they showed Cadbury’s gorilla. Which is just a stunt by a production company (Glass and a half full) whose goal is to deliver joy. Digital makes ideas more useful and involving.

Ok. we’re done. As the conference organizers just confirmed, see you next year at OFFF 2009 Lisbon !

Hello everyone !

50Done & friends is presenting. For those who don’t know yet 50Done & friends is a project of Rui Vieira ( currently Creative Director at Fullsix Portugal) to do out of the box projects in the areas of digital creation and communication they work with real clients but in a diferent way of communication. Rui presents the Body and Soul, a project for Nokia that showcases beautiful models (one component shows the body , the other a more emotional soul) .
Ingrediente X – A motion design showcase.
Carlos Matias – Dialectica shows his creative work applied on t-shirts and shoes, and some of the illustrations shown here at the venue. Dialectica by Carlos Matias

Pedro Pinto, a 3d motion designer at Fullsix with some sample work.
Karlssonwilker with a weird piece: a spoken portfolio, on audio tape.
wmmna Regine is on stage, sharing how We-Make.-oney-Not-Art evolved and reflecting on emerging art and the relation with technology. Right next to her, Andy Cameron, now creative director at Fabrica, talking about his work and what interactive media means. They both hate Second Life, and finish their talk with a discussion on the challenges of nem media art.

Hellokimori OFFF Hellokimori is now on stage.

Info-visualization A great panel on information visualization. Quite more useful than the usual showcase that we’ve seen today.
FakePilot rolling his impressive ground of work. Feels a lot like Chris Cunningham.
Now a Interaction Deigin Panel, starting with the folks from naninka. Beats me why the organization decided to this “panels” when no interaction with the audience kicks in. Surprised to find out that Nanika was involved in the BBC radio (below). Nanika

20:00 -21:00
After some astonishing works by Alex Trochut, we’re ending with Hi-Res.

Hello everyone. It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but back from vacations (and a bit sick) I’m ready for the full 3 days at OFFF Lisbon 2008, live blogging and twittering.

OFFF Lisbon 2008 - day 1, morning, outside Loads of people outside (an estimate of around 2000). Collecting their tickets, getting a sun tan and drinking beer. I’ll need to do an errand, but i’ve been told the doors are already opening.
TheKDU is showcasing their works.
Just found out that some conferences are being broadcasted at For those abroad, Sapo is a xtra cool portuguese portal, and i’ve met with some of their team here at the event.
Dino dos Santos, one of Portugal’s most famous type designers, talking (in English) about the process and themes that inspire him.
Late lunch and more errands, after watching Eric Natzke (North kingdom cancelled their talk). Now watching Trafik and their several interactive projects. OFFF Lisbon 2008 - day 1, afternoon, Rooms
19:00 – 22:00
Last but not the least, the all exciting Joshua Davis, with his humorous talk, inviting everyone to get naked. The day wrapped with the work of PsyOp (and a wonderful making-of their latest commercial for Absolut). See ya tomorrow.