This won’t be the usual retrospective on the most famous advertising festival, only a remark on the fact that this humble site featured (and even premiered) many of them.

Halo 3 and Whopper Freakout won at Integrated .

Cannes Lions Winners

On Cyber, Uniqlock had a important win, specially for showing that blogs are a a valid online media alternative. Other works featured here were also winners at Cyber: Absolut Machines, A Blind Call, Who is Fermin and Orange Unlimited, Red Cross Horselstest, Coke Zero, Get Out and Play, First Few Words, Flugtag Flight Lab and Bring The Love Back.

I guess i have an eye for winners. Perhaps it’s time for the folks at Cannes to invite me as a juror?

For all the love birds out there, enjoy “Bridge”, the new short film by one of my first masters of digital creativity, Hillman Curtis.

It’s rewarding to see the path that Hillman has trailed, developing the first Macromedia Flash banners to becoming a film director. Once you find your creative genius, it’s just a matter of time until you start using it on other disciplines, making the invisible visible.

With Lisbon showing up at 2:45. Video below for RSS readers

To think that i proposed a big national tourism company to sponsor Matt‘s 2007 worldwide tour … Oh my, how it hurts to be ahead of your time.

New media festivals are usually promising, with lots of great performances and exhibitions, and yet, they do a lousy job of promoting themselves on the web. That’s what probably happened to UM, the International Festival for Experimental and Mixed Media, taking place in Lisbon, that has almost no reference in Google. Come on, is it that hard to announce the event on or Rhizome ?

Of course i’m not happy about as the even occurs while i’m out. AdobeAS3Tour with Colin Moock is taking place next Monday, and no way i’ll miss a weekend break in Milan for a badly announced event. For those interested, here’s a small selection:

2008 Programme

Lisbon, 19 – 22 June 2008



  • Andy Moor, NL

  • A Cable Plays, Chris Surgue, US and Damian Stewart, NZ/PT

  • N.I.P. collective, UK/NL/PT

  • BOP, UK

  • Goodiepal, FO/UK

  • Rudolfo Quintas, PT

  • Turntable Reconstructions, DJ Sniff, US/NL

  • TokTek, NL


  • Wearin’ it – DIY wearable workshop, André Gonçalves, PT

  • Wii Undressed, Frank Balde/STEIM, NL

  • Build your own electronic noise machine, Tom Bugs, UK

  • Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra, Goodiepal, (FO/UK)


P.S.: Any reader suggestions for this weekend in Milan are welcome.

Brainstorms are the quintessential tool for creative people, and though the results are not always tangible and reflected in the final concept, they remain one of the most effective tools to think out of the box. The web has given us other similar tools like mindmaps, but none was so powerful has the freshly released Moodstream by GettyImages, produced by Barbarian Group.


With the imense amount of metadata that image banks have, with additional assets like video and audio, it was a matter of time to mashup all these creative assets and come up with a imagination machine like this. We can fine tune our settings, select the transistion to the moodboards or adjust the audio. Once you pick enough inspirations, it’s all up to execution. Great work by GettyImages, a worthy successor to the previous 10 ways.

Source: Infosthetics

A few months ago, one of the missions of ImproveEverywhere went viral, the now famous Frozen Grand Central. The stunt then had iterations around the world in several cities.

It was about time that Lisbon had such a prank, and with Rodrigo as the organizer, we managed to get 65 agents downtown Lisbon. Rua Augusta is one of the busiest streets, with lots of tourists, and this last Saturday was particularly crowded with people getting ready to watch Portugal-Turkey for Euro 2008. All went well, with no police intrusion or harassment of the agents, but i’ll let the video (in portuguese) speak for itself:

Paradinha video on Youtube

I found myself freezing for 5 minutes, while carrying the book Groundswell. Oh, the irony. If you want to to be on the next mission, join us at our Ning group..


The full story, in Portuguese, here.

EDIT (11/06/08): Celso is pushing the idea further, and created the Moo Crowdsourcing Flickr Pool. Join in and submit up to 7 selected works. I also got in touch with the Moo staff, to see if they extend this idea. Thanks everyone. I will be delighted to feature your works on my Moo cards, with a great story to tell.

Are you an gifted illustrator? A sharp eye photographer ? A kick-ass graphic designer ? Then leave a comment with your URL , send me an email or post to the Flickr Pool. I’m ordering some Moo Minicards and would love to promote your great work.

Moo Minicards

This post will be updated with the selected sets and URLs. It’s also a great chance to find out the extraordinary talent of some of my readers and/or their friends. Thanks.

Example: submit to the Flickr group or comment with the address to your Behance portfolio page, as long as your Creative Commons license allows it.


Dilbert on YouTube

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That’s right. A fully animated Dilbert with his own channel. You can know stop pretending that you’re working, and have a good long laugh watching the videos below: (RSS readers might have to visit the site, for a change)

Soul-O-Meter and Catbert, Evil H.R. Director

Drunken Lemurs and Payroll Management

Catbert, Evil H.R. Director and Spooky

The Key to Happiness and Top Performer

Any resemblance of the videos with your own corporate culture is pure coincidence. Now it’s just a matter of time until a circular comic strip shows up, with Dilbert on YouTube talking about YouTube and Dilbert. Ok, my bad joke. Blame it on Catbert.

But speaking of dead-tree comics, is there any character or strip that you would love to see animated ?

Calvin and HobbesMafalda, QuinoBeetle Bailey

Image source: Wikipedia Here’s a few ideas: Calvin and Hobbes, Mafalda and Beetle Bailey.

Source: Watching TV Online

Ever wanted to find out what’s the magic in Twitter? Curious to know how your followers look like? And most important, are you in Lisbon? Then come and meet the tweeple at Twiitlis, a Lisbon meeting where every Twitter user (except Blaine Cook) can join.

Twittlis Illustration by me 🙂

The tweetup takes place this Wednesday at 7:00 pm, right downtown at the HardRock Cafe, just in case we have beer scalability issues.

Downtime is no excuse to miss it.

I get a few emails presenting campaigns, projects or services. Most of them are lazy PR pitches (promptly deleted), but once in a while there’s some quality stuff, but yet they don’t get posted. Either i don’t have the time (sorry) or they don’t really relate to the core of this blog and their readers.

Catching up on several of those, here’s 2 recent inbox tips:

  • Add-Art

    The Add-Art Firefox add-on has been released, with a short demo video.

    Introduction to Add-Art from Steve Lambert on Vimeo.

    AddArt was a 2008 Rhizome Commission, creating an extension to replace online advertising with artworks. Like Ad-Block but with art images.

  • HUGO Say It

    A fragrance does express a bit about yourself, so Hugo is pulling another User-Generated Contest. Create a catchy phrase, a tag line, some remarkable slogan that expresses your opinion on the world, with the winning entry “sprayed” on a billboard in NYC.

    Hugo Say It

    Hurry up to, as the contest ends this June 19th.