Dilbert on YouTube

Dilbert on YouTube

By in Uncategorized on 2008/06/04

That’s right. A fully animated Dilbert with his own channel.
You can know stop pretending that you’re working, and have a good long laugh watching the videos below:
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Soul-O-Meter and Catbert, Evil H.R. Director

Drunken Lemurs and Payroll Management

Catbert, Evil H.R. Director and Spooky

The Key to Happiness and Top Performer

Any resemblance of the videos with your own corporate culture is pure coincidence.
Now it’s just a matter of time until a circular comic strip shows up, with Dilbert on YouTube talking about YouTube and Dilbert. Ok, my bad joke. Blame it on Catbert.

But speaking of dead-tree comics, is there any character or strip that you would love to see animated ?

Calvin and HobbesMafalda, QuinoBeetle Bailey

Image source: Wikipedia
Here’s a few ideas: Calvin and Hobbes, Mafalda and Beetle Bailey.

Source: Watching TV Online

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    Mafalda has already been animated. A coproduction between Cuba and Argentina allow us to enjoy some of the Mafalda’s stories.
    You can find some information here: http://www.todohistorietas.com.ar/mafaldapelicula.htm
    and here are the vids:


  2. Armando Alves

    That’s great news on the Mafalda animation! Special reader comments like this are what really makes it worth writing this blog.

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