Moo Minicards crowdsourcing

By in Personal on 2008/06/09

EDIT (11/06/08): Celso is pushing the idea further, and created the Moo Crowdsourcing Flickr Pool. Join in and submit up to 7 selected works.
I also got in touch with the Moo staff, to see if they extend this idea. Thanks everyone. I will be delighted to feature your works on my Moo cards, with a great story to tell.

Are you an gifted illustrator? A sharp eye photographer ? A kick-ass graphic designer ?
Then leave a comment with your URL , send me an email or post to the Flickr Pool.
I’m ordering some Moo Minicards and would love to promote your great work.

Moo Minicards

This post will be updated with the selected sets and URLs. It’s also a great chance to find out the extraordinary talent of some of my readers and/or their friends. Thanks.

Example: submit to the Flickr group or comment with the address to your Behance portfolio page, as long as your Creative Commons license allows it.


4 thoughts on “Moo Minicards crowdsourcing

  1. 1

    We’ve got an army of amazing creatives – from designers and illustrators to photographers and web designers – standing by and ready!

  2. 3

    Awesome idea – I have forwarded it on to my design mates. That said, I hope your cards finally get to you – I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, four weeks and counting…

  3. Armando Alves

    Hi Andre,

    On posting the link, i guess you have no problem with the copyright.
    The Flickr pool might be also a good place to join in, as other people might pick for their cards too.

    Btw, i’ve reached the Moo staff, and we might push the idea even further.

    Thanks for the link !

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