With all the season premieres the past few weeks, it’s easy to forget about online video. With low production budgets, webisodes have to fight hard with outstanding content to keep their audiences. And one of the strategies involves interactive storytelling, by taking advantage of a new kind of web narrative.

That’s what “The Outbreak” is doing. An interactive movie, where choices have to be taken, determining the plot and movie’s final.

Directed by Chris Lund and edited by his wife Lynn Lund, the zombie adventure challenges the user to make the right choice or die.

Beware, there’s a lot of blood if you don’t succeed. I wonder if we’re starting a a trend with B-interactive websites ?

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We’re almost there: the 2nd edition of Shift – Social and Human Ideas for Technology is taking place the next 15th to 17 October.

Having attended the 1st one – and loving it – i’m expecting the same amount of enthusiasm and interesting discussions on how technology is shaping society and our daily lifes.

The event is organized by close friends Bruno and Pedro (at non-profit), with 60 speakers during the 3 days, at Parque das Nacoes FIL (Lisbon). The subjects in discussion include: Education, History, Genetics, Economics, Accessibility, Usability, Mobile Technologies, Open Source, Transportation, Energy, Architecture and Art. Quite a treat, eh?

With confirmed speakers like Andy Budd, August de los Reyes, Julian Bleeker, Leonel Moura, Manuel Lima, Stowe Boyd and Tara Hunt, it shows how Portugal is becoming a great place for tech/digital conferences, after OFFF‘s success the past May.

I’ve just registered but hurry up and get one the last available tickets. Shift !

Who said porn can’t be used in advertising? Sure it can. Just watch the SFW (Safe For Work) video that Diesel did for their 30th anniversary party.

Agency: The Viral Factory Source: AdRants

P.S. So Diesel apparently decided to pull the plug on this one. But fear not, a new version is below, for your viewing pleasure.

I just don’t get it. Someone decides to seed the video and all of the sudden they’re pulling the rug, on what could be a great viral?

Richard Dawkins desktop moment of the day …

Take a screenshot of your desktop right now, don’t change anything, post it on your blog!

GPS Mission is a location-based game for mobile phones. Using the Mission Designer application, you’re invited to create your own mission using GPS coordinates.

Anyone with a GPS enabled phone can go through mission tasks, control checkpoints or complete their photo assignments, on a new kind of personal ARG.

The Flex application was developed by Orbster. Recently, at Ars Electronica, they were involved in Mission Future‘s location based hunt, with several GPS Missions around the conference venue.

The video of the week is no motion graphics masterpiece or a viral sensation (yet). It’s a simple clay figure animation by the folks from Meetup.com (recently redesigned), remembering us that we can use the Internet to get off the Internet.

There’s also the mini-site at unplugyourfriends.com, where you can send an Intervention Email to your screen- addicted friend. After all, you can do your life without Twitter.

The film was created by Julie Lamb Gaboriau and Phil Gable, directed by Rohitash Rao and produced by Curious Pictures in NYC, in collaboration with Meetup.

Source: Paul Isakson

P.S.: Speaking of meetups, if you’re in Lisbon, join us at Social Media Cafe and Twittlis.

This should probably be one of my silliest posts, but since serendipity doesn’t come that often, i might as well share it. So here it goes:

If you’re looking for a city, where does Google Maps take you by default?

Running a couple of queries brought some interesting results: (zoom in to street level, for better view)

Lisbon, Portugal

This was actually what took me down the rabbit hole, as it’s a long stretch to consider Praça do Comercio as Lisbon’s city center.

New York

Times Square is a a pretty good choice, Downtown Manhatan would do fine also.

Paris, France

Right next to the city hall. I was expecting Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe.

San Francisco

Van Ness Ave w/ Market St‎. What were you expecting now? Alcatraz?

London, UK

Another strange choice, next to the Parliament Square.

Rome, Italy

The placemark sits right in front of Il Vittoriano, on Piazza Veneza. No Colloseum for you.

Madrid, Spain

Puerta del Sol is a pretty busy city square, but celebrations usually take place at Plaza Cibeles.

Mountain View, California

And of course, Mountain View, placed next to Google’s corporate headquarters.

This seemingly useless trivia is actually important, as businesses get ranked in Local Search according to their proximity to the city center. If you’re an hotel, entertainment or tourism related service, you’d better start caring how Google Maps sets their city placemarks.

So, is your city center the same as the one suggested by Google Maps?

Yahoo spreads some Gogol Bordello love to the web on their new website Start Wearing Purple.


The hotsite intends to celebrate not only Yahoo’s official color, but also “that unique, charmingly eccentric side of all of us“.  With some fun purple trivia, purple gadgets and a whole purple set of mind (whatever that is), the site does a great job on bringing back Yahoo’s culture, that has been in so bad shape lately, after the failed Microsoft deal.

One of the most interesting parts of the site are the videos prouced by agent Todd (of ImprovEverywhere and Frozen Grand Central fame). Several people were filmed in a Manhattan elevator, with a new performer getting on at each stop and singing Bordello’s “Start Wearing Purple”. I’ll leave you with the reactions:

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip is an animated film about climate change by Leo Murray. A cry for help, before we reach a point of no return, after which the catastrophe will become inevitable.

Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

In it, a harsh critic on the advertising industry, that persuades consumers to buy things they don’t need. The video is full of educational material, that you can find at the companion website wakeupfreakout.org, along with the film’s script, with extensive peer-reviewed references and additional information and links.

Wake Up !

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Digital creativity isn’t always about the computer. The return of the Moleskine gave hand drawn communication a new home, with the web embracing this analog form of expression, from Google Chrome cartoons to SXSW SketchNotes.

One of my favorite evangelists of this new communion of web and drawing is Kevin Cornell. Besides his work for A List Apart, he has also some great sketchbooks. It’s not often you get to see these kind of works on the web, so it was nice to discover Lapin, a French art director with works for Heineken, Vueling and several magazines.

His impressive city sketchbooks, beautiful pencil and watercolor illustrations, are an unordinary departure from the usual holiday photo album.

Go check this week’s selected website: Les illustrations de lapin

If you’re interested in visual note taking, i recommend Drawing on the right side of the brain or Rapid Viz. Other books i haven’t read but also highly recommended are Understanding Comics or the more recent Back of The Napkin