Productivity Future Vision

By in Inspiration on 2009/03/17

At least, according to Microsoft Office Labs.

<a href=";showPlaylist=true" target="_new" title=".">Video: .</a>

Watch it here, if you’re looking for some free inspirations in UX design.

A big thanks to Nathan, for allowing me to share it.

Source: Oh, Hello, via Motionographer

2 thoughts on “Productivity Future Vision

  1. Armando Alves

    Hi Pedro.

    In fact, Microsoft Office Labs has several like minded concepts on their website:

    * the one on retail is also interesting

    Unfortunately, there wasn’t an easy way to share this 5min version in better quality (even on Soapboax), that’s why i asked Nathan (the video producer/director) if i could post it to a video sharing service.

    Update: clumsy me … found the embed code on the Soapbox playlist.

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