2009 has been abuzz with Augmented Reality, and what was once novelty is now on the verge of becoming a fad, a “Me Too” marketing strategy. As i still think there’s a lot of bright people researching new ways of interaction, here’s a short selection of videos collected in the last few months, featuring the best augmented reality examples used for marketing purposes.

  1. Mini.de

    One of the first AR examples used in advertising, by Mini.

  2. GE Smartgrid

    Papervision meets FLARToolKit for a digital hologram of GE’s Smart Grid technology. Developed by North Kingdom.

  3. Wear Your World

    The Fluid Interfaces group from MIT showcased their work on a recent TED Talk, with Pattie Maes demoing the sixth sense, a step towards the ubiquitous computing vision of Mark Weiser.

  4. Topps 3-D Live cards

    One of the quickest ways for AR reaching a mainstream audience is definitely sports. With Topps 3-D Live cards by T-Immersion, you can bring life to players, with the help of a webcam.

  5. Wikitude AR

    The iPhone might get all the buzz, but one of the promising AR integrations is on Google’s Android, with Wikitude, a mobile travel guide based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content.

  6. Augmented Reality Geocaching

    arcache Ok, this is really just a concept, but as an occasional GeoCacher, i really loved this idea. Oh the possibilities for augmented ARGs (see also Map Tracking and MARQ).

  7. Dynamic Wine Labels

    Dynamic Wine Labels. An Adegga.com innovation, a company co-founded by Twinelis buddy Andre Ribeirinho. Wine information on the go, using QR codes with AVIN (think ISBN for wines).

  8. Augmented Reality Tamagotchi Maid

    A virtual toy, with their 64 page instructional manual, with all the Japanese idiosyncrasy, developed by Geisha Tokyo Entertainment.

  9. Sekai Camera

    Mainly a mobile technology, but with a promising marketing future, the Sekai Camera is a system for using online data to navigate the real-world, featured on the latest Techcrunch 50TechCrunch 50.

  10. Augmented Magic

    Augmented Reality Magic 1.0 from Marco Tempest on Vimeo. You didn’t think I’d forgot the coolest video of them all, where Zach Lieberman and Theo Watson mix technology with magic, didn’t you?

While this kid of experiences has all the eye-candy, the real trend that interests me is “The Internet Of Things”, with technologies like Arduino or companies like TikiTag and Violet.

For related information, check out this great resources:


Yes, you got that right. An iPhone + screensaver + desktop app so you can have your “siesta” and wake with the sounds of a rooster.

Enjoying the warm countryside and a live stream of a rooster. Wait, what ? Just interact with the video above, and watch for yourself.


Branded applications are one of the more valid solutions for brands to be a part of consumer’s lives without resorting to commercial interruptions. This campaign for Cerveceria Del Pacifico by Perfect Fools isn’t goodies only, as they support the campaign with original content, blogging at “Claudio And I” the experience of a Mexican rooster farmer.

Source: Perfect Fools

I tried. I honestly tried to use AdSense Competitive Filter to block the ads of one of the most annoying display advertisers in my country.

ad junk

But Movilisto [Buongiorno] ads kept coming back to my blog. With those pesky “Teste da Morte” ads. And now it got even worse with a repugnant “Máquina dos Peidos” (Fart Machine) ad. The company advertises premium mobile services, and if you google them, you’ll see that consumers aren’t that happy with their shady tactics.

They keep wearing out any credibility of display advertising in the country, and since Google doesn’t seem to provide a decent ad rating tool to users or publishers, I’ll take a stance as a blogger: I’m completely removing AdSense from this blog.

My fellow readers: you don’t have to put up with this ad junk. The amount of their interruption/noise/bad taste is one of the causes of banner blindness and also of the decreasing eCPMs for publishers. And until Google fixes this relevance problem, they are no longer welcomed as an ad network here.

What i can do as a blogger is to share this problem with my audience, some of them working at Portuguese online media companies and advertisers, so they could start demanding Google to severely limit the impressions of Movilisto and provide tools to improve the ad experience. Enough pressure will provide better ad quality, a good way to increase the price of their own display inventory while providing a safe haven to creative display advertising that is relevant to consumers.

What i can do as a blogger, is to ask my readers to protest directly in their blogs or Twitter and let their friends know #movilistosucks.

Interesting way of Greenpeace Brazil using their YouTube videos to spread the message on the effects of climate change.

Oceans (Ocean Level vs Global Temperature)

Climate Changes (Climate Change vs Global Temperature)

Biodiversity(Biodiversity vs Global Temperature)

Cross-posted at Osocio; Source: Adivertido; Agency: AlmapBBDO

In the past few days i’ve been browsing through most of the entries at the One Show and Webby Awards. Maybe one day this blog will have his own “Inspiration Awards” but until then, here’s an extensive selection of my favorite nominations:

Digital Content & New Media

  • R/GA’s digital signage project for Club Nokia rga-club-nokia
  • Yep, iPhone was really huge in 2008. Here’s one app for A4 Driving Challenge (appstore link), developed by Factory Labs. a4-audi-iphone
  • Another landmark in digital marketing for CP+B, with the Whooper Sacrifice Facebook app. whooper-sacrifice
  • I’m a sucker for Branded Applications. Here’s ‘Find It‘ developed by Dare Digital for Sony Ericsson, right on time for the next Summer festivals. So, where’s my tent? sony-findit
  • A website about design being nominated for a Webby Award on best copy/writing is no small achievement. Design Observer has my vote. design-observer
  • I had to mention an ARG, with a subtle but effective sponsoring by McDonalds of ‘The Lost Ring‘, developed by AKQA. lost-ring
  • The Best Job In The World. This one’s a winner. By CumminsNitro Brisbane for Tourism Queensland. islandreefjob


Just in case you haven’t stumbled upon it yet, here’s the masterfully produced interactive narrative for Philips new TV set, by Stink Digital and Adam Berg.


You really get what the big screen can be. On TV.

Source: Motionographer.

While browsing the One Show finalists yesterday, i came upon one Portuguese nominee that further explores the bridge between offline and online: Museu Efémero (Epheral Musuem).


The online museum, sponsored by Pampero Fundación (a rum brand) and created by Leo Burnett Portugal, curates ephemeral art spread across one of the most iconic Lisbon districts, Bairro Alto. From street graffiti to installations, the changing nature of daily art is preserved online, where you download the map with the locations along with the supporting podcast. Then head to the uphill streets of Lisbon with your mp3 player and get an inside perspective about the works and artists.


(Watch the video case below)

Being Bairro Alto famously know for their bohemian nights, it’s a great way for the brand to create awareness (they’ve just entered the market) among the hip trendsetters on a non-intrusive and creative way. The Epheral Museum is now covering other places in Lisbon and is expected to expand to other cities in the world.

You can also follow the project @museuefemero and Facebook.

Lots of stuff going on lately, and didn’t had the time to process all the inspirations, so here’s some recent highlights to digest during this Easter break.

Multitouch and Experience

An extensive multitouch applications roundup by PointAndDo. And of course, Bumptop has launched.


Cynergy Systems shakes your brain with the Emotiv headset. Another cool tool is OpenFrameworks (video below), a C++ library for creative coding.

With regards to Experience (and interaction design), there’s plenty recent material where to choose from. Start with the IA Summit and JJG‘s plenary (avilable at BoxesAndArrows) and end with Dan Saffer’s Attention Awareness for Interaction Designers

New Launches

Odopod launched a new site for Nestea: Liquid Awesomeness.

yourmajesty And the guys i saw in NY presenting their freshly created agency have come a long way and have a new website: Your Majesty.


W+K London launches a seasonal Easter egg hunt using PhotoSynth.

Your mom (again)

The “Your Mom” thinking has been picking up steam. From TechCrunch to Chris Messina, lots of places discussing this emerging need to enable portable profiles and filters.

And to end, here’s something your mom would find really useful on Twitter: BakerTweet, a way for busy bakers to tell the world that something hot and fresh has just come out of the oven.

Happy Easter.

With more broadband and the writers strike in Hollywood, 2008 was a great year for online video, from a rising Hulu to the recent peak of 100M Youtube users last month, with no way to ignore the big audience elephant in the room.


Karlijn showed me a few months ago a project Lowe/Draftfcb Amsterdam was working on and it got me attention right away, as a sign of things to come.

Upload Cinema

Upload Cinema picks the best of online video and brings it to the big screen, with people getting together to enjoy inspiring and entertaining web video, selected by curators or proposed by the members.


The meetup, currently only by invitation (apply here), takes place every first Monday of the month at 9.30 PM at movie theater De Uitkijk in Amsterdam. The current edition’s theme is “Typo Film”, showcasing motion graphics using kinetic type.

The project has recently been awarded as Best crossmedia concept at Spin Awards.

Online video as an alternative media diet took shape in 2008, with websites like Current.tv to the more randomly obscure Upl8.tv, a trend becoming even more evident as digital video gets away from keyboard and spreads to multiple devices, with an increasing long tail consumption of online video. From Viral Film festivals to Vimeo offline, it’s something we’ll start to get used to. With or without the popcorns.

Following my last post where i mentioned your mom as a metaphor for the way Data Portability should be made easy, here’s a series of mom videos that have been making the rounds lately on the latin-american advertising community. Considering the hit that Mad Men was, we do love to look at ourselves, don’t we? The videos, in spanish, show the mothers of creatives trying to figure out what the fancy advertising jargon really means.

Viral. Qué es.

Qué es para 2 madres Crispin Porter

From Briefing to Art Director, it’s a hilarious self critic.

Created to promote the IMAN awards, LaMadreQueTePario.com has also some serious take on our profession, and is based, whatelse, on PowerPoint presentations. Because, if your mother can’t figure it out, it’s impossible she’s proud of you.