UPDATE 2: It’s now [June, 30] live at beta.cpbgroup.com UPDATE: CP+B has kindly let me know that they’ve temporarily cloaked the site, as it’s not quite ready for prime time. Stay tuned the next few hours.

When @bogusky announced CP+B was about to release their new site, the curious Armando had to sneak at the rather obvious url beta.cpbgroup.com, thus finding the new version of the agency’s Internet presence.


Crispin, Porter + Bogusky is now aggregating all the content related to the agency, from employees tweets to references on blogs (let’s see if they pick this post), from Flickr accounts to their Wikipedia entry, and huge doses of Youtube commercials by the agency.

The agency applies the same principle to their client work. Here’s the page screenshot for Microsoft (shame for not having a permalink):


For now they released only 8 client pages, but i got curious again and peeked at the source code and a few more are planned :). Props for massive jQuery usage.

Nothing really groundbreaking, kind like PopUrls, but a reminder that the days of “immersive” Flash experiences are almost ending, at least in digital agencies land (see also Barbarian, Juxt Interactive, EVB and Big Spaceship). It’s all about multiple digital touchpoints and real time, these days.

Just for reference, here’s the current version: cpb-old

Welcome to the long now, CP+B.


Better than a Kindle. A PR GOLD Lion in Cannes by LiveAd São Paulo.

One Thousand Casmurros from Livead on Vimeo.

To pay tribute to one of BrazilÂ’s most respected writers, Machado de Assis, the largest TV network in Brazil was launching a mini-series based on one of his books, Dom Casmurro.

Through the launch of the mini-series, we needed to build up TV GloboÂ’s reputation with a new generation, disconnected from the television.

We created a website with the book and divided it into one thousand excerpts. In the website, people could choose and record pieces in real time with their webcam. We enabled a large scale collective reading.

At the same time, we hid one thousand DVDs with unique scenes in public places for people to find them and hide them again once they had seen it.

In less than a month, the reading was completed.

Influential admirers talked about it in public. 33 million viewers watched the series’ first episode. The media called it the best tribute to Machado de Assis of 2008.

Almost 106 million people were exposed to press notes related to the mini-series. The subsequent media exposure was worth the equivalent of 6,7 million dollars in advertising spend.

Group94 added to their work 5 new photography portfolios. Worth checking them out, for an inspired Monday:

Unit: Photography, Illustration & Film Direction unit-by-gr94

John Scarlett: Underwater Fine Art Photography johnscarlett-by-gr94

Derek Hudson derekhudson-by-gr94

Jasper Xwartjes jasperzwartjes-by-gr94

Red Square Photography redsquarephoto-by-gr94

With Cannes Lions Advertising Festival starting to roll, maybe the ad people enjoying the sun and booze take a few minutes out of their time to reflect on a better way to spend their talents and convince the organization and rest of the industry on creating advertising that does make a difference, instead of using it as an excuse to get a piece of metal.

Last year, on a short Twitter exchange with Marc from Osocio on the subject of awards and social marketing, i replied:

We’re in the business of changing behaviours, not winning awards.

Fast forward to Cannes 2009, and on a great collaboration with the duo from StealOurIdeas.com, Osocio presents their draft concepts on how your brand should be used for the right reasons,


Every year hundreds of PSAs are done for the wrong reasons. Help us to create social advertising that actually makes a difference.



The next time you catch a creative doing spoof work just to win awards, forward these concepts so he or she could get a few really noble ideas.

Having researched lately on the subject of game design further strengthened my opinion as how it’s one of the best ways to present interactive narrative. Take a simple subject like cheese, think of an advergame, add some fine art direction and what you get is Old Dutch Master.

old dutch master


Reminds me of Virgin Digital’s “Exercise Your Music Muscle“, but with extra care with the sound. If you’re fond of visual riddles, check also M&Ms Dark Chocolate and Lonely Planet’s 50 Cites.

Source: Chewy

Since Cannes doesn’t matter anymore, we’d better start thinking about a new kind of awards, that are somehow different from the usual creative masturbation, more in tune with the future of advertising.


Lisbon Ad School and Torke are announcing the first Guerrilla Advertising Awards, showcasing works in categories as diverse as ambush marketing, urban intervention, PR Stunt, ambient media or viral and interactive. And just to make sure guerrilla is for everyone, there’s an Old Croquette Awards, for senior creatives.

You can submit your work for FREE, as a team or on behalf of your agency, with winners announced the next July, 24th.

Disclaimer: I’ll be one of the online categories jurors

If yes, you’re a digital immigrant. If not, you’re a digital native. This is probably one of the simplest explanations of the digital divide, as explained by Sir Ken Robinson at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), on his Commencement address. Enjoy this and other pearls of wisdom regarding creativity.


Good one by Axe, on this branded entertainment experience, interviewing over 100 girls about the Axe Effect products. Listening to consumer is great when it isn’t merely a buzzword on your Powerpoint. And it shows how Axe is starting to position itself beyond their core teenager target.

Sorry for the unconscious lack of disclaimer. Won’t happen again: Axe is a Fullsix client in Portugal.