One Thousand Casmurros

One Thousand Casmurros

By in Inspiration on 2009/06/22


Better than a Kindle. A PR GOLD Lion in Cannes by LiveAd São Paulo.

One Thousand Casmurros from Livead on Vimeo.

To pay tribute to one of BrazilÂ’s most respected writers, Machado de Assis, the largest TV network in Brazil was launching a mini-series based on one of his books, Dom Casmurro.

Through the launch of the mini-series, we needed to build up TV GloboÂ’s reputation with a new generation, disconnected from the television.

We created a website with the book and divided it into one thousand excerpts. In the website, people could choose and record pieces in real time with their webcam. We enabled a large scale collective reading.

At the same time, we hid one thousand DVDs with unique scenes in public places for people to find them and hide them again once they had seen it.

In less than a month, the reading was completed.

Influential admirers talked about it in public. 33 million viewers watched the series’ first episode. The media called it the best tribute to Machado de Assis of 2008.

Almost 106 million people were exposed to press notes related to the mini-series. The subsequent media exposure was worth the equivalent of 6,7 million dollars in advertising spend.

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    Estava a minha leitura a correr bem até que:

    “The subsequent media exposure was worth the equivalent of 6,7 million dollars in advertising spend.”

    Temos de abandonar esta ideia de que o AVE é a métrica para avaliar acções de comunicação. Há vida além do AVE…

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    Excelente trabalho, transformar um livro numa rede social e tornar a literatura como um tópico de discussão que as pessoas têm vontade de participar é acima de excelente. Tomara que acontecesse algo idêntico em Portugal.

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    Astrology sometimes do work and it can also predict the personality of a person.`-*

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