Now that Disney acquired Marvel, let’s hope they keep pushing fresh content like the new Marvel Motion Comics.

Featured above, the first episode of Spider-Woman. Enjoy.

Many countries around the world have been implementing smoking bans as public health policy. In Brazil, the state of São Paulo has issued last month a ban on indoor smoking, with the usual controversy amongst citizens.


Instead of taking sides, ad agency Fischer and digitial agency PIX, elaborated the installation “The Smoking Plant”, where 2 plants on a glass case where placed side by side, but with one of the sunflowers exposed to cigarette smoke. The whole experiment was live on the Internet during the past 2 weeks, with the results shown on the video below:


During the 97 cigars smoked, the project updated the progress on Twitter and created a great amount interaction with users, offering also a screensaver to follow the experiment from the desktop.

Many thanks to Carlos Merigo, for hastily providing the video subtitled in English.

Credits Agency: Fischer America Interactive: PIX Production: D3 Estudio Film: Conspiração Filmes

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These days we had our share of new social web services, with Mashable or Techcrunch feeding us daily with some new shiny object. Nonetheless, some brands venture into this competitive territory and create their own experiences, particular when there’s one dedicated set of consumers who share a common passion.


Such is the case with Nation of Go, a Google Maps mashup sponsored by BF Goodrich, which you can get a short video overview:

There’s also a free mobile app to track drives, trails and racetracks and automatically upload them to one’s profile, with support for geo-tagged photos. I’m a sucker for branded content and applications, and though suspicious of branded social networks (it’s like having a private talk on a crowded bar), this one from BFG really impressed me. Shame it’s only for North America.

Source: Creativity Online

Dan Ariely would love this.

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

2 Hidden Cameras – HVX 200 and Sony Z1U A bunch of Kids 1 Marshmallow each

Not an original idea, but very fun to make.

Because he was more than a basketball player.

On his Hall Of Fame induction speech, he’s also proven to be a great storyteller.

Noah Zerkin gives AR a touch of awesomeness, with his Zerking Glove.

The low-cost data glove (under $300) allows 3D interaction with virtual objects in augmented reality (AR) environments, with accurate 1-to-1 tracking of ones entire arm from shoulder to knuckles without external reference infrastructure .


Despite all my pet peeves with all the hype surrounding AR, i’ve been lately more thoughtful of the subject and there’s a few interesting projects being hacked, like this one from @noazark, who’s looking for investors.

On September 22, 7 matches will be played at specially chosen locations with the Twilight Football final in South Africa. The tournament is sponsored by Sony to promote their Exmor CMOS Sensor technology, able to capture fast-moving action in low light filming conditions.

I’m not that into bull fighting, but the football players on the video above have some raging skills.

Source: GoViral, affiliated post

Wunderbar. That’s probably what folks at Sony Germany are saying with this YouTube based promotion, almost a website inside a video, an evolution of the previous Boone Oakley website.

Using YouTube annotations is not new, but the integrated interactive quiz is worth mentioning for this campaign promoting the new Sony Ericsson W995.


Agency: bplusd interactive

This precious gem has been around the past few days, and it keeps popping out amongst the tweets. So, for those who don’t know about it yet, just Learn Something Everyday:


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