Since I have no words for Tim Burton, i’ll leave you with a couple of screenshots of the website for his Exhibition at MoMA.

burton-moma-01 burton-moma-02

Go ahead and visit the website. Or find an excuse to visit NY.

Website by Big Spaceship. Source:

Just noticed today that ComScore started measuring Internet audience in Portugal, and the numbers do look solid.

Top 15 Online Properties in Portugal Total Portugal – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations September 2009 Source: comScore World Metrix
Media Sep-2008 Sep-2009 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 3,665 3,816 4%
Google Sites 2,959 3,570 21%
Microsoft Sites 2,816 3,397 21%
Portugal Telecom 2,125 2,398 13%
Hi5.COM 1,986 2,329 17%
Yahoo! Sites 1,066 1,422 33%
UOL 971 1,254 29%
Grupo Impresa 1,086 1,215 12%
Wikimedia Foundation Sites 1,012 1,148 13%
Grupo Brasil Telecom 863 1,119 30%
WordPress 860 1,058 23%
OnLine eXchange 625 930 49% 771 914 19%
Terra – Telefonica 655 890 36% 756 852 13%
CBS Interactive 394 643 63%

The study points to more than 3.8 million people age 15 and older, spending an average 1.9 hours online per person during the month, numbers that will probably be discussed the next 26th November at CAEM i-com National Roundtable (on Twitter @icomglobal).

The last few months i’ve also noticed a renewed interest on giving solid data about Internet behavior, as the market grows bigger with droves of new users consuming more bandwidth (either broadband or mobile).

The data on social networks is finally shedding some public light (disclaimer: Fullsix Portugal has also some panel data on user behavior), with no surprises on the top place for Facebook numbers show some solid growth, but i’m still a bit far on my prediction that Hi5 would be surpassed by the end of 2009 (even if i seriously suspect that already happened in terms of active users). Twitter is a lot bigger than i expected, and something that most marketeers in my country have been ignoring.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites in Portugal Total Portugal – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations September 2009 Source: comScore World Metrix
Media Sep-2008 Sep-2009 % Change
Total Internet : Total Audience 3,665 3,816 4%
Social Networking 2,585 2,992 16% 1,986 2,329 17%
Windows Live Profile N/A 1,225 N/A 113 639 463%
MySpace Sites 267 289 8%
Orkut 170 256 50% 26 249 842% 204 244 19% 8 238 3,018%
Windows Live People N/A 218 N/A 94 156 67%

Source: ComScore

It’s been a while since my last Shamess PromoTion, where i highlight projects created by friends, mostly from Portugal. The project i’ll be describing today was developed by SAPO, where some good friends managed to deliver one of the most solid web applications i’ve seen lately, specially considering that Lisbon isn’t exactly Silicon Valley.


So, what’s Pond ?  It’s an aggregator and publishing tool for social media services, that allows anyone to manage their social graph on a single place. You can import your friend list from social web services, merge friend contacts and update your social web status on the web, mobile or desktop.


The wide range of platform support is certainly the highlighted feature:  Besides the web, Android, and Symbian mobile apps are available (iPhone soon) and desktop software (Mac, Windows and Linux) will also be released.

Currently Pond supports Twitter, Flickr, SAPO Fotos, YouTube, SAPO Vídeos, Facebook and SAPO Blogs, as well any RSS or Atom feed. It will surely be a great way to introduce the power of social web to a wider portuguese audience, since the application is sponsored by TMN — the largest mobile carrier in Portugal (disclaimer: TMN is a Fulllsix client) — PT Comunicações and Meo (it will be interesting to see a social app on a IPTV service: social TV).

With smartphones becoming more affordable, growth on the social web will be fueled by mobile web with centralizing services like Pond or Vodafone 360 taking full advantage our digital identities. I only wish i could add more metadata to my friends info, like birthdays, tags or events. Give me that, and i’ll be a happy ? Ponder ?

Great work, SAPO team!

P.S.: the service is on beta — invitation only for the moment — with early registration for TMN clients.

If there’s one place where creativity excels is on a blank canvas. You “just” have to figure out what to make of it.


Fashion brand Land’s End is here to help with a new website developed by EVB, taking full advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to help you unleash creativity. Altough they should have used a password anti-pattern with Twitter like OAuth (there’s no way i’m sticking my Twitter password on a brand website) the Facebook Connect showed me just how my friends are the new paintbrush.


Oh, and they sell clothes too.

And just in case you didn’t notice the writing on my painting, Portugal’s main Online Advertising Award is up for voting at

Last week was short on posts, as i was busy finishing up my talk for Upload Lisboa, a meeting that gathered this Saturday about 300 people to discuss the impact of web 2.0 on society, marketing and communication.

First, congratulations to @VirginiaCP and @vanessaquiterio (along with @brunoribeiro and @brunoamaral) for having managed to build this event without any serious experience as conference organizers. Besides their entrepreneurship, the amount of enthusiasm and whuffie built on the web, does make this sort of thing possible. The event was mostly a success, and i do believe that next year we can expect even a better conference.

Next, thanks everyone who appreciated my talk. And since a few of you have been asking for it, i might as well share it right away. So here it is:

The talk will be soon available as an ebook at, with a few more notes and references, so stay tuned. From the great feedback i had, i should consider doing more talks and stand up for the job.

Last, it was a pleasure to meet in person some great minds like @joaopcastro @vmtrigo @rsaraiva @31darmada and @filipecarrera. Shame on me for not networking enough during the coffee break, but drop me a line and I’d gladly connect with you for any questions you might have.

Live long and prosper.

Nike. Racing. Twitter. Voice recognition. Oh, just watch the video.

Using an iPhone strapped to their arms and an earphone, simply by pressing a button, the runners were able to share their experiences with the world in real time. The voice message was turned into a text message that was automatically published at, in their Twitter accounts, and banners on sports vertical portals and news sites.

Good run by BBDO Argentina.

The third movie of Richard Kelly (@JRichardKelly) of Donnie Darko fame premieres tomorrow, with some promising visuals in the trailer (even if the first reviews aren’t that promising).

And one thing i love about the fantastic genre is the extra care establishing their internet presence. With The Box website, i was particularly impressed with the visuals (and no, it was not about Cameron Diaz) and the masterful aural experience.


Along with the typical sections (downloads, cast, trailers, etc) i’m starting to detect some ARG inspiration integrated in movie websites, by launching some satellite experiences, in this case a teaser website at and even a comic book.


But why do i really blog this? Because my favorite band is doing the movie score along with their Final Fantasy (@OwenPallett) peers. No wonder i loved the audio on the website.