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Thanks, Vasco.

This is huge for SMBs. AdWords now has the ability to target locally, just right before people leave their homes to go shopping, having searched on the web first.


With the new location extensions, ads can be target based on a user’s location and search terms.

Mark my words: Real-time + Personalized search + local targeting will redefine commerce.

When discussing social web and how it relates to marketing, the focus is mostly on consumers and the communities formed around products and services. Engagement, immediate feedback and responsibility, empowerment of fans, flexibility and having a human voice are the blueprint for companies when interacting with consumers.

Dilemma Photo by Julia Manzerova, under a CC License

The discussion on how these values translate on a Business-To-Business scenario is quite recent, with companies like Dachis Corporation or recent initiatives by SAP exploring these brave new waters. But one thing is to have a 10000 feet view on social business, another is having to deal with day-to-day operations, from procurement to human resources. We all have heard stories about greedy managers or other forms or corporate assholes, that don’t care about the latest social technologies and are usually control freaks, oblivious about our oh-so-noble concepts of social capital, long tail or crowdsourcing. And worst, they push businesses into a new form of Prisoner’s dilemma.

The prisoner’s dilemma is a fundamental problem in game theory that demonstrates why two people might not cooperate even if it is in both their best interests to do so

Even if we have the best intentions and try to collaborate with other business, the fact is that the amount of effort we put on using social technologies isn’t returned with the same level of commitment by other companies which we deal on a regular basis. Much to blame is the selfish need for maximizing shareholder value that still prevails on many companies (despite having caused the recent economic crisis), forcing stakeholders not to invest in values and technologies more supportive of innovation and social responsibility.

Unlike Business-To-Consumer markets, the reason why i find this dilemma still stands on B2B is because of low adoption of public publishing platforms. Even if we consider Yammer or Linkedin, most of business conversations are shielded by corporate guidelines with a veiled interest on lack of transparency. When will we see the corporate equivalents of Facebook and Twitter? Where companies cooperate in their best interests, with no hidden payoffs and in a transparent market, where the conversations are regarded with the same importance as in consumer markets. It’s time to replace the traditional industrial complex of pushing goods for the markets with a more design and socially responsible model, where hidden agendas are hard to maintain under public scrutiny.

Yes, i know it’s a dream. But so was landing men on the moon.

If you didn’t had the chance to read the book, at least watch the video.

Source: I Started Something

Adverblog and Bannerblog have already started collecting Christmas cards, and i’m giving them a help with 2 new Christmas themed websites, were yours truly was involved.

First, the disclaimer: LG and CTT are Fullsix Portugal clients. But i really feel you’ll appreciate these projects.

In most countries, Santa Claus is depicted with a beard, which in Portuguese translates to “barba”. LG Electronics and MediaMarket (an electronics store) took the term literally and gave a chance for everyone to ask the bearded man their gifts for this season. But a humourous twist: the bearded men is actually named “Barbas” and is one of the most popular Benfica supporters, the football club with most fans in our country.


At (ask barbas), “Barbas” and his sexy assistant are watching the videos consumers recorded at MediaMarkt stores, asking “Barbas” for their Christmas LG presents. The videos will be published online during the next 3 weekends, and all you have to do is gather your friends to convince the new Santa “Barbas” Claus.


This was one of the most fun projects i’ve worked in a while, with a charismatic football figure known by at least 6 million people. Just shows how brands focus too much on celebrity players and forget about the true fans. I’ll be attending the match tomorrow against Académica and perhaps once again have a chat with “O Barbas”.

Meu Postal De Natal 3D

Yep, it’s Augmented Reality. I know, i know, it’s hype and all that, but forget the gimmicks and just appreciate the lovely illustrations. And if you have the time and want to surprise with a different Christmas card (at least for those not on the AR hype), print it and send it by mail to your dear ones, as long as they have an webcam available.

meupostal3d> No, i won’t post a screenshot of the AR experience. Go try it yourself

What’s so exciting about this? The client is CTT, the national post service in Portugal and one of the oldest public companies in Portugal but that isn’t what stops them to embrace new technologies and experiment.

So, i hope you enjoy these ones early because tradition says that in the next few weeks you will be fed up with Xmas cards.