After the famous Let It Shine for Honda (by W+K), now it’s Goodby Silverstein and Partners to deliver some takeover action on this video for Tostitos (Frito Lay). The movie is below, but you should visit the vimeo URL to really appreciate it.

At, we get to know the tale of two farms: “Quinta da Ameixa Doce” and “Quinta da Ameixa Fresca” that have been haunted by misterious abductions of plums (or is it prunes, never figured out the difference).

Shameless Disclaimer: I’m really proud of this new project developed by our team at Fullsix for Compal, an iconic beverage company from Portugal.

Abductions of plums? Yes, that’s right: António and Maria defend their properties from theses attacks and keep the plums safe so we now could all have the fresh new juice, Compal Ameixa.

The site features the quirky advertising set in the rural landscape of Alentejo, Portugal but is also a great opportunity to win awards, with the final challenge being awarded a Vespa scooter. From the intro movie to checking which of your Facebook friends are supporting each farm there’s lot to explore (register for the full experience), on this fresh idea for digital inspiration.

the only farm i care about on Facebook

Kudos for the team: Art Direction: Sonia Frazão Flash Programming: Manuel Barbosa Server side: Nuno Costa Marketing: Inês Marques Copywriting: Margarida Guerreiro Strategy: Armando Alves

Film by Y&R Portugal and Krypton Films Product: Compal Ameixa

If you want to catch up with the latest Internet meme Chatroulette, check this movie by Casey Neistat:

And those people getting concerned about this cultural phenomenon, probably have never used IRC. Just like Danah Boyd says.

Just a quick thought: How long until Facebook adds a search box on their homepage ? (logged out)

From Pages to public profiles and events, could it threaten Twitter? Or even Bing?

For many years Google was one of the last companies avoiding mass media advertising (though they’ve done it outside the US). That stronghold ended the last SuperBowl, with the now famous (and parodied) Parisian Love ad:

Even web companies with true fans reach a point when branding becomes necessary to grow a market that’s getting crowded. With many people starting to explore Google’s products and services, an ad that is relevant and tells a powerful story only helps to conquer more users, responding to needs that later get extended to their professional choices (think AdWords or Google Apps).

This need for branding for web companies will become even more evident the next few years, as startups try seduce advertisers by getting more reach and visibility. But instead of using the eyeballs approach, we’ll have a more combined branding approach.

Foursquare, the location based game, and their recent partnerships with Zagat or Marc Jacobs is an example of this sponsorship leveraging a web brand, . Other examples include ExecTweets with Federated Media and Microsoft or even more tactical approaches like the Let It Shine commercial for Honda and Vimeo.

Larger brands should take notice of these opportunities, by teaming up with web brands on relevant, win-win partnerships. As for web companies, Branding, even on a different form, is one step to leave their Beta label behind.

Being lazy on a rainy Sunday has its payoffs, like finding these two great documentaries:

PBS Frontlines’ Digital Nation: from information overflow to virtual worlds, Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff do a great job on highlighting some of the challenges of the Millennial generation.

Also engaging was BBC’s 3D Documentary Explorer for “The Virtual Revolution: How 20 years of the web has reshaped our lives”.

Even with the 3D eating the CPU, the videos (with plenty testimonials of key web figures) are worthy of your next lazy Sunday. Beats watching American Idol anytime. is not your traditional campaign, but rather a web series promoted by the European Union to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco.

In partnership with Daily Motion, but also with a Youtube channel the animated films are a fun way to inform young europeans, but also engaging them with the web series by allowing them to vote on the theme/tip for the next episode.

The series depicts 3 super-heroes who try to save smokers and non-smokers from the negative effects of tobacco, by giving them absurd tips and advice. Chuck, Skinny and Loona, accompanied by Tapas, a masochistic freak of nature that wonÂ’t leave them alone, unify their strengths for better or for worst.

You can also find the Helpers on Facebook and Beebo.

Advertiser:Help-EU Agency:Ligaris

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The clothing collection is for the boys, but the site will surely please the ladies. Superb work on the video: fast, smooth, playful. How it always should be. And what a whicked background loop track.

A small campaign site (nothing much beyond the main collection) but it does make an impression.

Agency: Kokokaka, Gothenburg Client: Wrangler

Flame mode: Do this in HTML5. via email by Chandinha.

Two years ago, the main portuguese brewery Super Bock created the main blog award event in Portugal, with over 2000 blogs competing to be elected Super Blog. In 2009, we have the 2nd edition with a few improvements, and a chance to see how Portugal’s blogosphere survived the pressure of social networks and microblogging.

Disclaimer: I work for Fullsix, the interactive agency responsible for the online campaign.The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or Super Bock.

Registrations are still open until the next 23rd February for Portuguese blogs, with the voting taking place afterward until March 24th. Popular vote will elect the top 5 for each category, and the jury will select a category winner and a Super Blog (with a €1500 prize). Special categories include Best Microblog, Blog Angola (for blogs about or written by Angolans), Best Design and Best New Blog.

On the Awards website you can find more about the 14 categories, how to submit your blog and discover hundreds of blogs submitted since the competition started 2 months ago. There’s also the Awards blog, with lots of tips and tricks about blogging, the competition and other useful info.

This year’s edition has Maria João Nogueira, Pedro Rolo Duarte, Fernando Alvim and Alberta Marques Fernandes judging the finalists, elected by popular vote.

You still have a few days left to register your blog, with a few more chances for the following categories: Angola, Science, Corporate, Politics & Economy, Social Causes and Microblogging (there’s lot’s of good tweeple and tumblers out there).

As a sizeable chunk of this blog’s audience is from Portugal, thought this might be of interest. If you’re not keen on registering, any feedback is appreciated to improve one of the few initiatives that recognize bloggers in Portugal. Either that, or we can just have a chilled Super Bock the next time we meet.