For the past 3 years, dozens of leading marketeers, writers and thinkers have collaborated on a book that brings some of the best insights on modern marketing. Led by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, this third book in the Age of Conversation series brings together authors from across the world, with diverse and practical insights for the changing nature of business today.

Chapters include topics like Conversational branding, Influence, Getting to work, Corporate conversations, Measurement, In the boardroom, Innovation and execution, Pitching social media and Identities (the topic I wrote a short essay for).

With cover illustration by Chris Wilson and our new publisher Channel V Books (from co-authors Gretel Going & Kate Fleming), i’m counting on you to order a copy once it’s released, specially considering the sales profits are donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Get to know the rest of the authors or follow the Twitter AOC3 list created by  Steve Ponder:

Can’t wait to read the great thinking from the “fellowship” !

With the new Formula One season starting, McLaren rolled out a new website developed by Pirata London, giving a glimpse of the backstage action, with a live video stream handling almost 200,000 people in a day. The whole aesthetic spans throughout the website which becomes a live dahsboard, with some web engineering powered by jQuery, @font-face embedding and a custom CMS running on a nginx webserver. Besides, the visuals are a nice escape from a testosterone drive automobile industry.

Other highlights include a dedicated mobile website, a fan community an lots of (light)boxes 🙂