As usual, 3 monthly ideas for free:

  1. Auto Repair MaShup

    Google mashup, for auto/insurance, with OAuth support for login, where users create their review of auto repair shops. A Yelp for auto-repair shops. Maybe integrated with Foursquare: free check-ups for 3 check-ins 🙂

  2. Cluedo for Facebook

    A Facebook application challenging you to find who is the hidden friend, based on clues gathered on each profile. Probably would fit nicely as a brand contest.

  3. Tweet Placement

    Mixing Twitter with product placement: work with a soap opera or entertainment show, and get to know in advance the place on set of the product placement, or the time within the episode. The first 10 people who @ reply the brand account with the exact location on the set of a product (or the elapsed episode time), get that product for free.

That’s it. Now, go make it real.

It’s only the poster, but a sign of things to come on the upcoming David Fincher movie of young Zuckerberg and his 500 million nation, loosely based on Ben Mezrich’s novel titled The Accidental Billionaires, premiering next October.

Facebook will never be the same. (insert cheesy movie line here)

Loving the new YouTube based campaign for Coke by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

Centered around the keyhole bottle icon, symbolizing Coca-ColaÂ’s mysterious secret formula, the video has several overlays leading to unique digital experiences.

I’ll throw a few spoilers linked on the video overlays: On Twitter, you can follow Dr.Pemberton, CokeÂ’s 179 year old inventor, and ask questions about CokeÂ’s secret formula. On Facebook, send your friends a polar bear video message (and the chance to win a free Coke, US only). Not to mention the video feed tracking the safe where the secret formula is probably hidden.

And by sending a Coke bubble on , Coke will donate $1 to the National Parks Service for each laugh.

Something tells me that this is not the end of Dr. Pemberton’s adventure. There’s probably more to it.

Now that’s what i call playing foosball. More here.