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Always loved the behind-the-scenes posts at NorthKingdom’s blog, and this time they came up with a detailed explanation on how they created this project for Disney, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.

IMage credits: Northkingdom

Visually the virtual board game resembles the all-time favorite Get The Glass, as shown by the several production comps, and even characters have the same familiar aesthetic. The project intends to educate kids and adults on the importance of wise financial planning, and supports the park experience created by Innoventions.

Source: NorthKingdom’s blog

After last year’s success, Upload Lisboa, one of the most promising digital marketing events in Portugal is coming back next December, on a new format with both the regular event on the 11th and a Pro session on the 15th.

A few speakers have been announced already, from Carlos Merigo (of Brainstorm #9) to Nuno Veiga, but one of the big names has just been revealed: Brian Solis, director of FutureWorks and author of “Engage”, will be the lead speaker.

I’m sure the organizers have a few surprises left on the speaker list, so stay tuned and get your tickets while you can 🙂

Just in case you missed it during the holiday break, watch below the 3rd flashmob from T-Mobile, welcoming passengers home.

Though it’s not quite original: it was done in Portugal last Xmas. Sponsored post via Unruly Media