Reset your iTunes play count, to get the most played songs of the year. Here’s my top 11 for 2011 (YouTube playlist):

Have a great 2012!

Jon Hicks of HicksDesign released yesterday The Icon Handbook.

The paperback would make a great gift for the season, but for now it’s only available as digital edition (PDF, ePub & Mobi). I couldn’t resist the visual goodness and the chance to get inside the mind of one the great designers on this field (Jon designed Firefox’s logo) and rewarded myself with one.

From ideation to drawing tips, web or application icons, this is one of the best references on icon design available, further confirmed by the great feedback on Twitter.

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This afternoon when Arcade Fire posted about their new Sprawl2 video, the website wasn’t available yet, so as a huge fan i was a tad disappointed with only the quirky video available (below).

But now it’s live the new interactive video by Vincent Morisset (who just joined unit9), and you really have to exercise your dancing skills on this one. Enjoy the interactive version at (webcam required) or just the official video.

I’ve been trying to pitch a Google Street View interactive campaign for a while, so it’s with mixed feelings — happy for the great use of technology, sad that i wasn’t hunca life convincing enough to make it real before – that i’m sharing this playful approach of Google Shoot View by Dutch agency Pool (who previously did Muppets Voices for TomTom).

As you can see from the teaser trailer, it all boils down to using your assault rifle on Google’s Street View scenery.

Not sure if the PG18+ is against Google’s terms of service (which got shorter), but from Columbine to the Tower of London, there’s plenty to choose from.

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What happens when a whole generation growing up on video games or the Internet defines 21st century aesthetic?

James Bridle at Web Directions South 2011, via Russell Davies.

More on the New Aesthetic on his tumblr.

There’s the big and expensive kind of projection mapping, and there’s the smaller but equally aweseome ones as the 3 films created by Studio Output to promote Sony’s PlayStation@Store.

Everything is one take, using real time tracking, projection mapping and Augmented Reality technology, which they’re terming “Immersive Imaging”. By attaching the PlayStation Move to the camera, they could track projections to screens in real time, enhancing the effect of spatial deformation and false perspective on the projections. Just have a look at the 3 films.

The videos highlight the VideoStore service on PlayStation@Store where users are able to rent or buy their favourite films in high definition.

Agency: Studio Output – Production Company: Marshmallow Laser Feast – Director: Memo Akten, Barney Steel, Robin McNicholas Producer: Ian Hambleton

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