I’ve been posting on Tumblr for a while. It fits the kind of quick content not worthy of a post itself, without personal commentary. Lots of quotes and videos.

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Last August, Coke shared a glimpse of their creative agenda, toward content excellence. Have a look at part 1 and part 2, if not for the visual mapping.

Besides the marketing lingo, there’s one part that interested me the most: Liquid Content, or how content can be apart but share the same molecular brand DNA. Liquid content assumes the brand acts as a catalyst for play and takes risks in a culture of creativity. On the same presentation, Coke shared their 70/20/10 principles of Liquid Content, where 70% of investiment is dedicated to low risk content, 20% to innovation and 10% to high risk / prepare to fail content.

No surprise then that Coke is launching simple initiatives such as Falling Dominoes, with a Coke Bottle on a digital Rube Goldberg animation.

The site was revealed as part of exclusive “liquid content” for Coke’s Facebook page, with a new riddle revealing a new microsite every day, such as BlowingBubblesinthesky.com.

One of the best examples i’ve seen that fully understands the importance of exclusive content on Facebook (specially on the new Timeline).

Credits: Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam ECDs: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath Creatives: Daniel Maxwell, Nacho Guijarro, Ivan Cash Digital production: Random, Amsterdam

These are the words, these are the films.

1. The Division Of Gravity by Rob Chiu – Rob’s work always had this magnetic effect on me.

How many things we held yesterday as articles of faith which today we tell as fables.

2. Nike Soccer Spot by Phillip Lopez – from a previous shoot, masterfully edited to create what could perfectly be a Nike ad (poem by Pablo Neruda)

I like for you to be still.