It’s like Hot-Or-Not for pets.

And that’s about all there is to say, specially because the site is still in alpha, as a funny experiment by Derek Powazek and team on game mechanics using one of the most common and adorable themes on the whole Internet: pets.

Members become “managers” and create profiles for their pets (aka “fighters”) and then challenge others to a Cute-Fight. The winners of these fights are determined by the community vote, with winners being awarded special trophies.

I keep wondering about the future spin-offs: Hot-Or-Not for … cars | babies | bedrooms | cupcakes ? P.S: Don’t forget to vote for my cute-fighter, Bill.

Once upon a time, a Twitter account was born, with almost daily musings on advertising and facial topiary. Then, a book happened. And an app. And even legendary ad man Lee Clow spoke about it.

Oh, just follow the damn thing:

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The 2012 election in the US is heating up, with Obama facing a tough challenge from Romney. What you wouldn’t usually consider when discussing politics is art, something that CNN tried to explore on their digital art gallery, Power.

Commissioned artists were asked to interpret through a variety of mediums the theme of “power” as it relates to politics, and, this election season, divided into categories that explore various aspects of power.

This isn’t the first similar project by CNN, as they’ve previously experimented with “Ripple”, produced for the 10th anniversary of September 11.

With all the tweets, shares and likes, the creative mind needs an exit in the opposite direction. Escaping from technology, we hope emotions remain unattached from the technium.

The “life logging” app Freepress intends to record our feelings, on a vain attempt to not forget our most enduring experiences over time.

Feelpress. Before you forget. from FEELPRESS on Vimeo.

Nothing that other Quantified Self apps haven’t tried before, but it’s always entertaining the belief that we can tame ourselves through new media. Yes, gamification included.

Mugshot Yourself

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New York. 1864. And you get arrested by detective Kevin Corcoran, on his patrol at Five Points neighborhood. Your mugshot would be something similar to the one you can make at Mugshot Yourself.

This fun photo app is a part of the web campaign for Copper, the crime drama series set in 1860s New York City by BBC America. From Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson and Emmy® Award-winner Tom Fontana, it premiered last Sunday and besides the web app, the Facebook Page has a  Timeline creating a ich background for the series.

And even if  i’m not that a regular user of GetGlue,  it’s always interesting to see how a new TV series tries to expand their core audiences by using social channels.

Credits: Socialbomb + Kevin Slavin Source: Digiday

Was the challenge given to a dozen filmmakers by Sigur Ros for the project Valtari Mystery Films.

Such creative freedom, coupled with that Jon’s melodic voice, produced a series of films that seem personal but almost dream-like experience. it’s almost as if music was directing life.

Check the project website or just enjoy the videos below.