I’ve yet to find a paper or research that shows how online contests or sweepstakes help a brand grow.


R/GA shared today on Facebook  an infographic created by their Data Viz team for football (aka soccer) team New York Red Bulls.



There’s nothing really remarkable on the infographic (besides the team’s season performance), but i kept wondering how far has advertising evolved to considered infographics as standalone creative works. Data, big or not, is here to stay and i wonder how far will companies consider data visualization as a internal skill (using Tableau for instance) or rather use creative agencies. Are infographics just the new Powerpoint (or social media linkbait) or do agencies need to create specialized teams just like R/G did? Where does creative ends and business insight starts?

This hybrid medium isn’t yet fully explored as a creative canvas, even when companies have tons of data that need to make sense of. While websites like Visual.ly, Visualizing.org or Flowing Data make it easier to find and share the best work , commercial praise seems to be limited to the Kantar Information Is beautiful Awards.


In the near future, expect data visualization to be recognized right between design and interactive. And even have their own Cannes Lions category (if there’s PR, why no Data Viz).

P.S. Suggested reading: The Best American Infographics 2013.


The dust has yet to settle regarding the future of media companies. In the past few months i had several discussions regarding media business models with a few companies in Portugal, and everyone seems a bit lost, even if abroad  a few trends for the digital world are emerging. Time-shifting and big data editorial (and the obligatory Netflix model), new forms of journalism (Quartz and Medium amongst them)  and branded content / native advertising (Buzzfeed has plenty of cases) are showing alternative business models beyond paywalls.

Which brings me to the big problem with paywalls: the lack perceived value for the reader/consumer. Unless … you’re the Guardian and deliver interactive forms of content like “The NSA File decoded”. That, my friends, is something i could pay for. Subscription, micro payments, or whatever they want my credit card for.

Screenshot 2013-11-02 15.04.02 Screenshot 2013-11-02 15.14.43

Well worth a watch / read / interaction or whatever you call this new breed of online journalism.