The 25th birthday of the Web is celebrated at The Webby Awards with 25 selected projects.

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From thought leaders to cyber art, this journey into the past paves the way to a future of a free and open web. We stand on the shoulder of giants, might as well review how we’ve come so far.

Also worth mentioning is the associated  Web We Want campaign, a 12 month global movement to defend, claim and change the future of the Web.

What’s better than building your Scaletrix race track ? Build it with motion in midair with KIA GT Ride and challenge your friends!

Artificial Rome and LA RED worked with KIA to build this game for IAA Frankfurt, with a Kinect interactive installation also available on desktop, with races on iOS and Android.

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With great 3D and a custom physics engine (to prevent the car from falling), the axis sensor inside the smartphone or tablet records the positioning data, which the app uses to calculate an individual 3D track.