After posting about GIFerator, here’s another campaign pushing this old format into new places. For Netflix France, Ogilvy created a digital outdoor campaign made entirely with GIFs, showcasing their most popular series and adapting the message to the medium.

Pushing even further, some of the outdoors featured GIFs responding to current news or even weather conditions, a sign that real time marketing is going beyond social media.

The yellow brick road to the Internet Of Things is becoming a lot more fun, as we leave the realm of technology novelty and start to create experiences based on human metaphors. Such is the case of Dorothy, a physical trigger making your phone smarter.

By clicking your heels, you can get an Uber ride, make a dummy phone call or text your location to friends.  The device, created by iStrategyLabs, is powered by  LightBlue Bean, an Arduino micro-controller with a built in Bluetooth chip, accelerometer, and coin cell battery and pairs with an iOS app.