Next Rembrandt has been for a while my favourite example on how data and creativity can evolve together.

And now it won 2 Grand Prix at Cannes. Great times ahead for those moving from creative to data. Me included 🙂


Begginer’s mind reinventing YouTube.

Source: Fantasy Interactive.

It’s back to the future at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab with these retro posters.

earth-small europa-small mars-small

Source: Visions of the Future

On a somehow related note, they’ve released today a 360 degrees video of Curiosity exploring the surface of Mars.


 Screenshot 2016-01-07 00.50.38

@converse and @giphy present GIFs made by 8 GIPHY Artists in their individual style for The Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers!

A new year, a new chance to start things fresh.

2015 was a challenging year leaving a team to start a new area at Fullsix Portugal, after being a part of a political campaign. As i enter 2016 on a new role as Head Of Data & Analytics after over 4 years building social media teams, the range of subjects that interest me nowadays are quite different than when i was more involved in interactive programming. From Analytics to Behavioural Economics, i needed a new place where to share some of the things that are currently on my radar and go beyond the usual ad campaign or pretty website.

After over 8 years publishing here, i no longer felt excited in finding new stuff to write about and inspire others with fresh ideas for digital creativity. isn’t going away, but will become more of a bookmark of creative references, an archive of mostly links and videos. Most of my new writing will now be at, a self hosted blog, as i never got used to borrowed platforms such as medium or tumblr, while doing a few posts at or at my book review blog at (in portuguese).

With a great year ahead, i hope you follow me on this journey and say hello in the comments.

Sum is the bestselling book by David Eagleman, a neuroscientist, author and presenter of the PBS epic series, The Brain with David Eagleman.

Based on his work, Studiocanoe released this short film which makes us wonder what are we doing with our time on this planet.