Storytelling for a Post-PC world

Storytelling for a Post-PC world

With mobile eating the world, creativity will gradually move from the desktop, tablets being the natural choice. Storytelling on mobile can go beyond Bitstrips, Instagram or Vine, with more options for mixed media. Storehouse: media storytelling on mobile Storehouse launched today on the App Store, allowing you to┬ácombine photos, videos, and text to tell a […]

PBS Off Book

PBS Off Book

Blogs are still my favorite source of inspiration, but lately YouTube (and Vimeo) have pushed curation skills further. One of my latest discoveries was this web series from PBS digital, exploring cutting edge art, internet culture, and the people that create it. The latest video was about the Art Of Creative Coding. Enjoy.

Creative coding with Cinder

Andrew Bell, Robert Hodgin, and The Barbarian Group just released LibCinder, a creative coding framework in C++. It’s a cross platform, open-source project, very similar to Processing or OpenFrameworks, but with better memory management and OpenGL support. Features include standalone applications and screensaver creation, Cocoa touch support (iPhone, iPad), OpenGL texture classes, webcam capture support […]

Learn Something Everyday

This precious gem has been around the past few days, and it keeps popping out amongst the tweets. So, for those who don’t know about it yet, just Learn Something Everyday: A daily creative trivia (also available as RSS), created by Design Studio We Are Young.

Do you wear a wristwatch?

If yes, you’re a digital immigrant. If not, you’re a digital native. This is probably one of the simplest explanations of the digital divide, as explained by Sir Ken Robinson at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), on his Commencement address. Enjoy this and other pearls of wisdom regarding creativity.

The Rotten Fruit Tardis

James Paterson has been busy lately. Besides filming an Actionscript 3 training DVD with Colin Moock and Hoss Gifford, he cooked up the software component of Harvest, his exhibition currently displaying at bitforms gallery in NYC. The Rotten Fruit Tardis is an animated vehicle that transports viewers between a myriad of dimensions and nested worlds […]

OFFF Screen Challenge

Following yesterday’s news, i’m sharing a collaboration between blog network Prt.Sc and OFFF, that are inviting all portuguese bloggers to OFFF Screen Challenge and win a chance to be at this renowned festival of post-digital culture, taking place in Lisbon, from 7th to 9th May 2009. *Disclaimer: As an executive member of, I’ll be […]

Street creativity by 6emeia

From guerrilla marketing to urban interventions, the streets have become a new canvas for creativity. One of the most prolific projects in this area comes from Brazil, with the creative duo Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente, aka, 6emeia. Started as a intervention to transform daily environments as a reflection of their creative work, the duo […]