Let’s Connect

Tired of not knowing the faces and stories of those of you who spend precious time reading this blog, and having realized that Google has turned public their Friend Connect service, i’ve placed the gadget on the sidebar (and a review/rate on single pages). It’s right above my tweets, one of the best places i […]


Welcome to the conversation, Michael, Miguel and Chris, the resident authors of my company’s corporate blog. While i try to keep this blog mostly personal, it’s great to know that DraftFCB launched a corporate blog (i knew about it a few weeks ago, but now it’s official). On a effort to remain impartial as a […]

Refreshing A Source Of Inspiration

It’s been a while. The holidays were great, with lots of time away from the computer, just checking email and some occasional Twitterring. I even started pondering about the future of this blog, but not in a blogger fatigue kind of way. One thing lead to another and a redesign was born. The “Fresh Grid” […]