Curating Connected Devices

Curating Connected Devices

Wolfram joins the Internet Of Things party, bringing together connected devices and their Wolfram Language on a dedicated site.   Working with device manufacturers, the goal is to provide knowledge about connected devices, a sort of real world API meets the Wikipedia of connected devices. By using WDF (Wolfram Data Framework)  to connect to the devices and get […]

The Internet is (still) yours

The Internet is (still) yours

“A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet. Governments alone, working behind closed doors, should not direct its future. The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice.” A free and open web depends on taking a stand against governments who try to filter and […]

Digital out, Interactive in.

The past few months already, the term digital has mostly left my vocabulary as an advertising professional. Instead, the preferred word is interactive. Not only because words matter, but considering computational ubiquity is just a few years away (from TV to nano sensors), saying a media is digital is almost an oxymoron. Interactive goes beyond […]

404 may not be an error page

404 may not be an error page

Cross posted at In one more example of multiples or synchronicity of ideas, today i tweeted an idea for turning 404 pages into a charity opportunity. Well, a few hours later i found out a campaign by Fischer+Fala for AACD (The Brazilian Handicapped Association). When browsing to a partner website with an incorrect URL […]

Crossing the Media: from Mass to Social, from Social to Personal

For those who’ve been around before the dot-com crash, you’ve probably remember those first days, with portals, vortals and the whole remediation of mass media to the web was dominant. Brochureware (brochures repurposed as websites) and directories were abundant and brands began a gold race to a different medium, expecting the masses would follow along. […]

From Beta to Branding

For many years Google was one of the last companies avoiding mass media advertising (though they’ve done it outside the US). That stronghold ended the last SuperBowl, with the now famous (and parodied) Parisian Love ad: Even web companies with true fans reach a point when branding becomes necessary to grow a market that’s getting […]

Digital Documentaries

Being lazy on a rainy Sunday has its payoffs, like finding these two great documentaries: PBS Frontlines’ Digital Nation: from information overflow to virtual worlds, Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff do a great job on highlighting some of the challenges of the Millennial generation. Also engaging was BBC’s 3D Documentary Explorer for “The Virtual Revolution: […]

The B2B Social Dilemma

When discussing social web and how it relates to marketing, the focus is mostly on consumers and the communities formed around products and services. Engagement, immediate feedback and responsibility, empowerment of fans, flexibility and having a human voice are the blueprint for companies when interacting with consumers. Photo by Julia Manzerova, under a CC License […]

ComScore measures Internet Audience in Portugal

Just noticed today that ComScore started measuring Internet audience in Portugal, and the numbers do look solid. Top 15 Online Properties in Portugal Total Portugal – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations September 2009 Source: comScore World Metrix Media Sep-2008 Sep-2009 % Change Total Internet : Total Audience 3,665 3,816 4% Google Sites 2,959 3,570 […]