Having a full day job and being a active blogger, makes it hard to find some free time to give presentations and worshops. But as I always wished for an active Adobe User Group in Portugal, it was hard to decline the invitation by Paulo Moreira, for the next meeting, February 27th.

I’m not really a full scale programmer, but having worked over 7 years with Flash, and being recently seduced by the advantages of web standards, the best i could remember for my session was the subject of Progressive Enhancement, or how to present  rich media experiences while delivering alternate content.

Here’s the meetup info:



  • February 27, 2009 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm PST
  • Address: Rua do Século, 80 1200-436 Lisboa
  • Venue: Centro Cultural O Século (Bairro Alto)
  • Speakers:
    • Armando Alves: Progressive Enhancement: Enlarge your Flash Accessibility 1) Technology isn’t always a hero: From Flash to Ajax 2) Graceful solutions for alternative content 3) Transformation: reusing your XML data
    • Ricardo Neves:
    • World Video Digital Signage A project developed by JP Sá Couto and AmplitudeNet for low cost digital signage basead on the Flash Platform.

  • I’ll try not to be too technical, so if you’re interested in the subject, please drop by (signup required) . If not, i’ll post the the presentations slides here.

    The video of the week is no motion graphics masterpiece or a viral sensation (yet). It’s a simple clay figure animation by the folks from Meetup.com (recently redesigned), remembering us that we can use the Internet to get off the Internet.

    There’s also the mini-site at unplugyourfriends.com, where you can send an Intervention Email to your screen- addicted friend. After all, you can do your life without Twitter.

    The film was created by Julie Lamb Gaboriau and Phil Gable, directed by Rohitash Rao and produced by Curious Pictures in NYC, in collaboration with Meetup.

    Source: Paul Isakson

    P.S.: Speaking of meetups, if you’re in Lisbon, join us at Social Media Cafe and Twittlis.