I tried. I honestly tried to use AdSense Competitive Filter to block the ads of one of the most annoying display advertisers in my country.

ad junk

But Movilisto [Buongiorno] ads kept coming back to my blog. With those pesky “Teste da Morte” ads. And now it got even worse with a repugnant “Máquina dos Peidos” (Fart Machine) ad. The company advertises premium mobile services, and if you google them, you’ll see that consumers aren’t that happy with their shady tactics.

They keep wearing out any credibility of display advertising in the country, and since Google doesn’t seem to provide a decent ad rating tool to users or publishers, I’ll take a stance as a blogger: I’m completely removing AdSense from this blog.

My fellow readers: you don’t have to put up with this ad junk. The amount of their interruption/noise/bad taste is one of the causes of banner blindness and also of the decreasing eCPMs for publishers. And until Google fixes this relevance problem, they are no longer welcomed as an ad network here.

What i can do as a blogger is to share this problem with my audience, some of them working at Portuguese online media companies and advertisers, so they could start demanding Google to severely limit the impressions of Movilisto and provide tools to improve the ad experience. Enough pressure will provide better ad quality, a good way to increase the price of their own display inventory while providing a safe haven to creative display advertising that is relevant to consumers.

What i can do as a blogger, is to ask my readers to protest directly in their blogs or Twitter and let their friends know #movilistosucks.