Brands play nice. Consumers don’t

Brands play nice. Consumers don’t

Tim Nolan over at BBH Labs, discussed this week how despite brands wanting to be more human, they seldom are mean or call bluff on consumers because “the customer is always right” cliché. From trolling or just plain dumbness, i’ve witnessed my share of idiocy directed at brands by consumers, and you just want to […]

Facebook Pages: going global or staying local?

Facebook Pages: going global or staying local?

There’s a silent David vs Goliath battle going on the past few months. It’s something that was given as a fact to many brand managers on local markets, and few voices have spoken about. With Facebook reaching 1 billion, some brands took notice of the audience available when adding all the numbers from local markets […]

It’s the Age Of Conversation !!!

It’s the Age Of Conversation !!!

For the past 3 years, dozens of leading marketeers, writers and thinkers have collaborated on a book that brings some of the best insights on modern marketing. Led by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, this third book in the Age of Conversation series brings together authors from across the world, with diverse and practical insights […]

The B2B Social Dilemma

When discussing social web and how it relates to marketing, the focus is mostly on consumers and the communities formed around products and services. Engagement, immediate feedback and responsibility, empowerment of fans, flexibility and having a human voice are the blueprint for companies when interacting with consumers. Photo by Julia Manzerova, under a CC License […]

ComScore measures Internet Audience in Portugal

Just noticed today that ComScore started measuring Internet audience in Portugal, and the numbers do look solid. Top 15 Online Properties in Portugal Total Portugal – Age 15+, Home & Work Locations September 2009 Source: comScore World Metrix Media Sep-2008 Sep-2009 % Change Total Internet : Total Audience 3,665 3,816 4% Google Sites 2,959 3,570 […]

Shameless PromoTion: Sapo Pond

It’s been a while since my last Shamess PromoTion, where i highlight projects created by friends, mostly from Portugal. The project i’ll be describing today was developed by SAPO, where some good friends managed to deliver one of the most solid web applications i’ve seen lately, specially considering that Lisbon isn’t exactly Silicon Valley. So, […]

Upload 2.0 meeting

Taking place in Lisbon, the next November 14th, Upload 2.0 intends to discuss current web trends and their impact on Marketing and Communication strategies. Organized by a team of active participants on Portugal’s social web, the event gathers several practitioners sharing their experiences and ideas on a series of short talks about the role of […]

Tales from the microsite crypt: the rise of social zombies

Since 2006, Web 2.0 and the growth of accessible publishing platforms, the microsite (also called hotsite or campaign site) has been on life support, with a near death as new forms of interaction extend to multiple touchpoints. Many have declared the death of the microsite — hyperboles are good linkabait — as the social web […]

Nation of Go

These days we had our share of new social web services, with Mashable or Techcrunch feeding us daily with some new shiny object. Nonetheless, some brands venture into this competitive territory and create their own experiences, particular when there’s one dedicated set of consumers who share a common passion. Such is the case with Nation […]

Oh Vanity

The Charlatans – Oh Vanity On other related stuff, millions of Users and Businesses Register Facebook Usernames in First 24 Hours of Landrush. I’m with Chris Messina. We really need to stop this namespace race and just stick with a plain old TLD.