FlashDevelop 2.0.0 Final released

One of the most active Flash IDEs has released version 2.0 Final.
Now with AS3 & MXML completion.
You can also integrate it with Ant or Flash Build, and you’ll be able to do you Flash Projects without touching the Flash IDE or Flex Builder.
FlashDevelop rocks !

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2 thoughts on “FlashDevelop 2.0.0 Final released

  1. In case you didn’t know, your website doesn’t seem to work correctly in IE7. The right sidebar and comments form appears on top of the other content.

  2. Hi Josh.

    Thanks for the warning.

    Since I just relaunched the blog last Thursday, it’s still in “beta”, no contact form, missing info, etc, so it’s all kind of rough.

    If the problem you noticed is in IE7, it’s also natural since i haven’t installed it. Buggy as Microsoft browsers are, i’d prefer to wait and see the final release.

    Anyway, comments are always welcome – as long as you can see were to post them :).

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