Internet Explorer 7: If it is broke, why haven’t you fixed it ?


[tag]Microsoft[/tag] sent me an email (see transcript at the end of this post) letting me know that Web sites, extensions, and applications shoud be compatible with Internet Explorer 7.
Well, that’s all beautiful, but instead of the climate of FUD, maybe MS should consider implementing real CSS2 support and compliance with W3C standards.

I wonder what clients think about paying support so their sites work with the new IE7 ?

For us, poor mortal web developers, a few headaches are coming:

  • New user-agent string, so you should consider updating those browser detection scripts;
  • [tag]CSS[/tag] hacks for older IE versions are unpredictable. MS instead “recommends” their proprietary model of conditional comments;
  • Garbage code that MS applications (appolo,, Word) spit out.
  • You still have to support for quite a while those older IE versions. Less fun, more work.
  • Lazy ” webmasters” will keep their old bad habits. Valid [tag]XHTML[/tag] is still a mirage.

But not all are bad news. In fact, some improvements are on the way:

  • Full PNG support. At last !
  • Some famous bugs no longer present (Peekaboo, Guillotine, 3 Pixel Text Jog, etc)
  • width:auto, percentages are expected to behave normally.
  • pseudo classes (:hover) in any element are now supported.
  • support for ABBR tag

Hopefully, IE7 will force not so savy developers to write better code, and in a near future, with some more efforts in the IE arena, we could expect normality in what web standards are concerned.

From what i know, most of the developers are waiting until the final release is out automatic update is out, maybe because of the “unstable” nature of MS betas. The same attitude that MS had with developers (“you just have to deal with what we give you”) has now bounced back to IE7. Microsoft should listen to the community or they will fight back, despite the efforts of the IE development team. Most of us don’t seem to care about the RC1 new release of IE7, yet we might just download the Firefox “Bon Echo” release.
What still amazes me is how Microsoft, with all that time and budget, is still not able to deliver a better browser than Mozilla, Opera or Safari! If it is broke, why haven’t you fixed it !?!


“The final release of Internet Explorer 7 is coming in October … and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it’s available for download. Are your Web sites, extensions, and applications ready? Microsoft recommends that Web sites and applications are ready for the release of Internet Explorer 7 this month.

Internet Explorer 7 is highly compatible with the Web sites, extensions, and applications out there today and we have made significant improvements in security, rendering, and usability. However, some of these improvements and new features may cause some sites to not render properly or change how the user interacts with your site, extension or application.

Help ensure your Web sites, extensions, and applications are compatible with Internet Explorer 7 by testing Internet Explorer 7 today and utilizing the following resources and tools to help you identify and resolve any compatibility issues:

Install the latest build of Internet Explorer 7
Prepare your organization using the Internet Explorer 7 Readiness Toolkit
Ensure browser-based applications are compatible by using Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
Prepare for Internet Explorer 7 to be delivered via Automatic Updates and Windows Update
If needed, install the Internet Explorer 7 Blocker Toolkit to block automatic delivery
Use the following additional resources to investigate and resolve compatibility issues:
Visit MSDN ( for supporting information
Visit the IE team blog ( to research, make inquiries, and provide feedback
Microsoft recommends that enterprises are prepared for automatic delivery by November 1st

We encourage you to prepare for the release of Internet Explorer 7. If you have feedback, please use the IE team blog or the Provide Feedback link in the Readiness Toolkit.”

One thought on “Internet Explorer 7: If it is broke, why haven’t you fixed it ?

  1. Using IE 7 and while in Exchange 2000 OWA, when I try to either click Inbox, contacts or options or logout button the mouse pointer gets lost, until I without seeing move it (the mouse) here and there and if I am fortunate and get on any of the above listed lnks, then I can see the mouse and then be able to logout..
    Funny, isn’t it?
    Try and see for yourself..

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