AdFavs: Lee Jeans and Zapatero

Lee Jeans Lolita
Above: An ad poster for Lee Jeans, shot by Terry Richardson, that was quite controversial in Australia. Although the ad depicts that the girl is over 18, it is a thin line between photo-chic and soft-porn.

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On a more noble subject, Tiempo BBDO Spain created a viral video for the United Nations campaign against poverty. Following the same idea of the Air Force 1 graffiti hoax we see President’s Zapatero seat in the UN being “hacked”.

After the video went viral, the agency explained it was all an hoax and the video was edited to make it look real.

One thought on “AdFavs: Lee Jeans and Zapatero

  1. She was over 21 and is just eating a sweet!

    She is on a set playing a role and is being paid lots.

    It is no drama!

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