Recommended wiki software: ccTiddly

Based on Jeremy Ruston’s TiddlyWiki, ccTiddly is a web personal notebook.
It’s a server-side adaptation, based on PHP and MySQL, with version 1 released last September.

I’ve tried to use the TiddlyWiki standalone version for notetaking in a USB drive, or the GTDTiddlyWiki version for the incursions in GTD, but these weren’t quite useful since i’m always exchanging notes between work and home. Also, as i’m most of the time online, it’s not that practical to plug the USB and save the HTML file, that could easily reach several MB.

From the several server-side adaptations, only one seemed promising, so i gave ccTiddly a go. The setup was quite smooth, mostly database parameters and admin rights, and after the upload, it was online.The only thing that failed were the importTiddlers plugin, so i had to start with a blank wiki and expected that future releases might fix this problem.

I spent some time customizing stylesheets, creating some default tiddlers, and learning how to adapt my writing/note-taking style to this app. An finally,here it is:

ccTiddly Screen

[Screenshot only. Web app on private URL]

It has all the 2.0 webiness, with ajax transitions and easy editing and the essential feature of being able to access your personal wiki anytime you’re connected.

My review: Great ! If you’re a writer, blogger or training consultant it’s an excellent tool for knowledge management and notetaking, with more freedom than a traditional wiki.

Download link:

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  1. armando,

    where’s the css to edit??

    how do you post a url in a tiddlywiki post?

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