Effective Rich Media and Contextual advertising

Rich Media and Contextual advertising

On a post by Seth Godin, Usama Fayyad, from the Strategic Data Solutions division of Yahoo, shared a interesting insight:

“If you run banner ads,(…) you can increase your brand awareness about 7% after a reasonable buy of banner ads

Since most users have developed some kind of banner blindness, what’s the catch in here? Well, the thing is, users later recall those ads and are more receptive to click on your contextual text ads. We no longer think in terms of integrated campaign across media but also intra-media.

Besides focusing on the creative concept of rich media, brands should have a special attention in making the copy writing consistent through the different assets of their online marketing mix. Diversify the risk, and expand your media budget across several solution to find out the best results and later compare what media got the best conversions.

Of course, you might not be so lucky if you get into this embarrassing situation.