While waiting for Arcade Fire’s new album

Arcade Fire

I’m a huge fan of Arcade Fire. So it hurts me to see some commercials and promos using the tracks, especially when they’re in the form of a lame arrangement to avoid paying copyright – if you’re from Portugal, you’d probably notice something familiar in the new TMN Casa commercial.


The commercial, besides being empty in content and value proposition, is using a lousy composition of the track “Wake Up“.

Anyway, if you can’t wait for their new album, you can go to Hype Nonstandart and find some underground tracks, such as:

  • Burning Bridges, Breaking Lives, live new track, and one of my favorites
  • Intervention, another new track
  • The tracks with David Bowie, for Forest Fire
  • A cover version of Maps, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • A cover version of Born on A Train, by The Magnetics Fields
  • Age of Consent, a New Order cover
  • State Trooper, a Springsteen cover