Shameless PromoTion:

João Planche is a web designer currently working at Spirituc, that I’ve met in my early Flash days (when i used to do a lot of Actionscript). While i knew some of his work and the collaborations he was involved, he never seemed to had the time to put up a decent online presence.

Finally, with some coding help by Nuno Ribeiro, is live!

Pride Paranoia (screen 1)

The site starts with a random background, with indexed color in gray tones, but the obvious section to look at is “Works”. A interesting navigation interface, similar to a fish-eye view, presents the commercial and personal projects he has been involved.

Pride Paranoia (screen 2)

The gray tones feel a bit strange at first, but  on the other hand it’s easier on the eyes. An interesting addition would be a next/previous button to easily jump within the portfolio.

Anyway, congratulations João for the new website.