Music for the Internet generation

It’s no wonder that music chains like Tower Records are closing, when the Internet is changing the guts of the music industry. Take for the example a band called The Bastard Fairies, that just got a worldwide recognition thanks to a video on YouTube.

The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O’Reilly
link to YouTube:

After the video was released, millions of bloggers and YouTube fans started the buzz and the hits on the band’s website were on record peak. Then it came the “Internet Generation” attitude, offering as a free download the whole album – free as in no questions asked – as a mean of promotion.

This reminds me of the new Web 2.0 motto, as stated by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google: “Don’t fight the Internet“. Instead of patronizing users with their RIAA endorsement, new bands are understanding the power of the web to create their own long tail.

The Bastard Fairies

The sheer amount of myspace profiles for music artists is a living proof that record labels are loosing the battle. When a new (or a sort of MusicPedia or YouTunes) comes along and takes their place as the nr1 source of music, establishing a culture of participation and responsible sharing, maybe they get serious about rethinking their business model and start concerning a bit more about the bands and the fans.

* P.S.: it sure helps having great songs and beautiful photos of the lead singer!