The Z list of drawing and illustration

In the last 5 years most of the illustrations i needed were made directly on the computer. So I gradually abandoned one of my favourit hobbies: drawing.

But in today’s networked culture, it’s easy to get in touch with the latest works and brush your drawing skills. Following one of the latest blogosphere memes, here’s my Z-list of drawing and illustration on the web:

2 thoughts on “The Z list of drawing and illustration

  1. I wasn’t expecting any feedback on the list. I guess the main purpose i find in a Z-list is to promote some blogs people haven’t heard about. And no, I’m not trying to promote myself 🙂 or others i know, or i’ll end up like those folks who cannibalize squido lenses and technorati rankings :).

    Then again, maybe tomorrow i’ll forward to the few illustrators i know of, and the word spreads around.

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