Draftfcb Portugal – 2007 holiday card

It’s a bit late, but as promised, here’s the story of our holiday card.

About 350 bottles of wine were stripped of the brand label.
Later they were wrapped as a gift and sent to our clients, partners and friends.

bottle draftfcb
The only text on the gift was a holiday message and a URL,
in the form of http://[Clientname], with no address or sender mentioned.
(btw, translates to english to something similar to “count on us”)

To find out who sent it, you had to visit (Sample URL: screen 1

350 subdomains were created, one for each bottle sent.
Each subdomain loaded a custom page with the signatures of the people here at Draftfcb that worked closely with that client, and you could reply them back directly on the page. screen 2
The page featured also two links, one for our URL,, and another one for a page were we had a detailed explanation of the wine that was offered, the brand and how to serve. And of course, a holiday message from all of us.

Ah, almost forgot: the wine brand was one of our clients in the past year and on the second page you’ll see the featured campaign with the that same wine.

Have a “tasty” 2007.


  • Client: Draftfcb (Self promotion)
  • Creative Director: Luis Silva Dias
  • Copywriter: Vasco Condessa
  • Design: Manuel Veiga
  • Interactive: Armando Alves