More on Arcade Fire Neon Bible

Neon Bible cover

Fueled by the leaked singles and some of the recent concerts of AF, i’ve pre-ordered the Deluxe CD of Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible.

According tho the forums, the tracklist goes like this:

  1. Black Mirror
  2. Keep The Car Running
  3. Neon Bible
  4. Intervention
  5. Black Wave Bad Vibrations
  6. Ocean of Noise
  7. The Well & The Lighthouse
  8. Antichrist Television Blues
  9. Windowsill
  10. No Cars Go
  11. My Body Is A Cage

The Neon Bible site has also some updates, with a spinning phenakisticope – hope i wrote that right – and a screaming evangelic brazilian girl. You can also listen to the new single “Black Mirror”.

Neon Bible website screen 1

Neon Bible website screen 2

Neon Bible website screen 3

There’s also a leak of a live private concert they did on St. Michael Church in Montreal.

Live at St. Michael Church