Trends for 2007 in digital marketing

Leo from Ryan Morrison & MacMillan is trying to figure out the trends for 2007 in digital marketing.

Here’s a few of my humble predictions:

1) Re-mediation: in the beginning of the decade the web tried to emulate the habits of old media. Nowadays, it’s TV (and old media) that will embrace the new forms of expression of digital media. Don’t be amazed if some of these days you’ll see the newsticker with RSS feeds or a radio station broadcasting live podcasts.

2) Evolution of Channels: different targets (youngsters, senior) are approaching channels in distinct ways, and brands should be playing close attention to them (e.g. Mobile Marketing and Instant Messaging). We’ll see companies trying to figure out how they work and how to communicate effectively, while remaining non-intrusive.

3) Social profiling privacy – increasing concerns on where the data from social networks goes, how secure are the websites (XSS attacks, cross scripting) and users demanding more choices in the way they decide to share their data

4) Rating authenticity – tools and directories of authenticity of blogs and online media will help the filtering of information overload. The same way stars and rankings helped users filter the products they will now appear to filter the relevant media sources (in light of recent PR scandals such as WalMart and PlayStation)

There’s a lot more i could say, but these ones popped out immediately so i figured they would be the most relevant.