100 sources of inspiration

Since September 2006 i began posting on a quite regular basis so let me share a bit about myself and this blog, celebrating it’s 100th post.

A bit about me … I studied Business and Management, but the only thing i was really fun of was Marketing and Computers, so it kind of makes sense my career twist as a digital marketing professional. In fact, one of the first companies i worked for was named Digital Branding, a dot-com that burst with the bubble. I then spent 3 years at Draftfcb as Head of Interactive.

Currently i’m Web Strategist, planning and developing interactive solutions and online marketing campaigns. Searching the blog by “Shameless PromoTion” you’ll find some samples of my work and projects by bloggers and friends from PorTugal.

The blog … the idea for “A Source of Inspiration” came up in early 2005, when i did more than 200 bookmarks a month, and wanted to share my browsing adventures with friends (later i discovered social bookmarking). The bookmarks were placed on a folder named ASourceOfInspiration, so when it was time to create a blog that was one of my first naming choices. The Source part because it has a bit of programming/interactive stuff and the Inspiration part because it deals with creativity and design.

    So, enough about me and A Source Of Inspiration. To all of the anonymous readers out there, do comment this post and let me know what do you think of this blog and how i can improve it to inspire even further.

    And thanks for your great conversations.

    10 thoughts on “100 sources of inspiration

    1. Many thanks, André.
      I’m definitely honored with your support – and great tips from AdvertisingEtc.

    2. As I already told you great blog!
      I’ve been reading you via Bloglines and I’ll continue to do it! If I’ll find out tips,videos and so on I’ll send it to you!


    3. Parabéns pelo blog!

      Preferi escrever em nosso idioma natal, apesar do inglês como padrão do blog, para comemorar o encontro com boas idéias vindas de além mar!

      Saudações do coletivo brasileiro Idéia Forte (!

    4. oi.

      Só para dizer que desde há algumas semanas (ok…meses.. ) que sigo o seu (teu?) blog e que é um dos poucos que está na minha lista.

      PS – além disso o teu inglês é decente e como tal não custa muit ler.. 🙂


    5. Já não é a primeira vez que venho aqui ter, mas desta feita resolvi deixar um comentário.

      Parabéns pelo blog, continua, e espero ver-te no offf ;D

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